Foxes Are Like Cats, But Anime. Discuss (A Cute Animal Picture/Gif Thread)



I had sent this to my gf and her reply was “That was the greatest four seconds of my life.”

not a fox though…


Any cute animal goes here I just like the joke in the title


(I am placing this here again because I accidentally sent it as a reply instead as just a normal post)



Heave you ever been around a fox? they smell terrible, poor things. They sure are great on the internet though!


Foxes are cute if you are not hearing their heinous screams.

That’s why GIFs are the best tools.


this is now a red panda thread



I always make a point of keeping cute pictures of foxes close at hand.






Y’all need to see this. Turn on the captions.


That places is so cute!

Though I would be curious to hear an American animal care specialist’s thoughts on the place sometime