Free cyberpunk fiction - "The Data Disruption"

Hi all,

Since the Waypoint staff have been talking a lot about Cyberpunk of late (Invisible, Inc., The Last Night, Cyberpunk 2077, Mike Pondsmith’s video about the genre), I’d love to share my cyberpunk short story, “The Data Disruption,” a free introduction to my cross-genre adventure series Genrenauts.

The basic idea is that our world is one of many, each the home of a narrative genre (Cyberpunk, Westerns, Romance, Fantasy, etc.). Genrenauts travel to these worlds to find and fix broken stories. If they don’t, the broken story ripples across dimensions, re-writing reality to disastrous effects. In this story, the team goes to find a missing hacker and re-unite them with the rest of their team).

If this sounds up your alley, or you just like Cyberpunk, you can check out The Data Disruption for free.