Friday Night Forts


Friday Night Forts

You ever get that feeling when Fortnite gives you a squad only daily challenge? Always wanted to try Fortnite, but always felt intimidated by jumping straight into Solos? Or maybe you got some quests to clean up, but randos keep activating the main objective? Perhaps you need some help testing out your creation? Well, look no further than Friday Night Forts!

With Fortnite Season 7 in full swing and with the new events feature that was added back in the last season, we thought this would be a great time to play some Fortnite with the community. So come hang out and get a squad going. Talk strategy, share your highlights, and maybe learn a thing or two by some of our veteran players.

Battle Royale ain’t your thing? Then go build stuff in the new Creative mode. Create new games, and build new structures with the Waypoint Community. Or maybe get a squad together to fight some husks and mist monsters as you battle the storm to save humanity.

Just share your Epic Games display name in this Google Doc or in the thread so friend requests can be exchanged. Not cool with the forums? Join us on the Waypoint Discord in the Shooter channel and use the Fortnite role to ping players.

Next event is on Friday, December 28 at 5:00 pm GMT -06:00

We look forward to seeing you on the Island!


Shh, Monster made this video about this really good spot to drop on at the beginning and it’s real good y’all.


Added myself to the list though I’ll be busy tonight with a work event.


I am thinking about, as the kids say, giving Fortnite a go – I’ve not touched the game before. Would any folks be down for helping a tiny & frightened small child in their initial Fortnite experience?


Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I started this thing is so folks who are intimidated by the game can pair up with folks in squads and get a feel for it. Epic also added a playground mode where up to four people can explore the island, with respawns on and some cool challenge games that teach you the basics.


Not sure how often I’ll be available for Fridays, but if anyone wants to play my Epic id is “navster15”.


I discovered that you can get up to 16 players in a Fortnite Creative server so there’s some potential for some good times there. Also you can just make some wild stuff in that mode


I recently learned the Orange Justice dance by practicing for an hour with youtube videos and my cell phone.

I’m 30 years old.

A lot of my peers are mad at me, but I enjoy doing it.


You have my respect

Holy shit, that’s awesome


It’s very fun to do it at work with my coworkers who have kids who play fortnite.

They thought the could escape the Justice at their homes, and now it has invaded their work place.


I love this. I don’t do it at work cause I work in a tiny closet next to the actual news office, so I don’t get to socialize as much as my peers. But fuck, I thought about doing the Showstopper.


I dressed as the Dark Voyager for a work Halloween party and did the Turk dance on camera for one of the guys to show his kid. That was a good time.


This is wild and I love it

Also, look at what today’s 14 days of Fortnite challenge is.

Just in time for Friday Night Forts.


Hey just a quick word of warning if you don’t have 2 factor on your account I would strongly suggest it.
Also it shouldn’t need saying but don’t reuse passwords or variations of past passwords.

Fortnite account hijacking is apparently on the rise.


Yup, I got 2fa on both of my accounts


If anyone wants to play tonight, my Epic Games ID is video_gh0st and my Discord is video_gh0st#2270