Friday’s Podcast?

Was there a podcast on Friday? It never showed up in my podcast feed.

yeah, been wondering about that.

there was a twitter post late friday that I believe said it was coming and to be patient, but I didn’t think they meant THIS patient.

@TomyDingo @Jonny_Anonymous @BananaSam Just in case you hadn’t refreshed your podcast feeds this morning, Episode 98 is now live. There isn’t an article to link to just yet, but, rest assured, it’s out there and I’m sure an article will go live soon (once it’s a reasonable working hour on the U.S. East Coast).

Thank you all for your patience!


I have never really understood what the podcast’s release schedule is. Is it meant to be Mondays and Fridays?

I’m pretty sure, yeah. They do that podcast stream and the feed is usually up later in the day

I always want it to be like, Tuesday and Friday. A little space would be nice. I 'm guessing it has more to do with scheduling studio time than anything tho.

I think the original idea behind Mon/Fri was that Friday would be news-oriented, recapping the week, and Monday would be more “whatcha playin’?” from over the weekend. I have no idea if it actually works out that way or not.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense.

Where do they announce the stream? I think I’ve seen under 10 announcements of going live by the Waypoint crew, and I follow all of them on Twitter, Waypoint account included.

I think often the podcast happens after Breakfast and Battlegrounds, which is why they don’t usually tweet it out again?

The best bet would probably be to just follow them on Twitch (and turn app or email notifications on). It does mean you’ll get a notification every time they go live, but they only do a handful of streams each week.

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I always figured that part of Monday vs Tuesday was that it gets out of the way of the Bombcast. but then Friday is shared with the Beastcast and arguably too many live GB streams so maybe not?