Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


I’m on PC. Do clans cross platform? Have I foolishly requested an invite to a console only thing? Oh no!


Clans are cross platform but that’s all that is


I think you’re the first PC player to surface. :slight_smile: Welcome aboard!


Oh there’s like 10 people planing to play on PC it’s just we are also planing to play on PS4 and are too ashamed to admit to double dipping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heck, I’m thinking about putting a PC together to try it out! No double-dipping shame here.

goes to read about GPUs


Get a GTX1070 or 1080 which ever is cheaper, that’s kinda all there is to it. Maybe a 1060 if you’re on a budget I hear that’s a good card for 1080P monitors (yes the fact that 1080 is a card and a resolution is confusing but I don’t name the things).

Not sure about AMD cards though so those might be worth a look


I’ve been thinking trying out the Titan class when Destiny 2 comes out. I had a lot of fun with the class during the beta. The shield that automatically reloads your weapon whenever you crouch behind it is really good.


Thanks! Tooling around at pcpartpicker I also see lots of recent builds with GTX 9x0 cards. Do you know how that series relates to the 10x0s?


Hmm they might be more midranged builds. I’m sure they’re fine but the 1080 cards run better and use less power so if you can I would get one of those. I suspect it’s just a matter of budget though.

Also the reason I say get the 1070 or 1080 whichever is cheaper is that while the 1070 is a less powerful card (I have one and it works great honestly) the 1080 has recently been cheaper for weird cryptocurrency reasons


The new Destiny app is pretty cool. I can approve clan members from my phone now!


And request sent for the PC clan!
To reiterate, I’m user CobaltSnow.
Gonna be playing a Hunter I think, it was the most enjoyable class in the BETA and my main class in Destiny 1, outnumbering my Titan lady in hours and light level despite playing her extensively lately.
Never played a Warlock, didn’t appeal too much to me and I’m not sure why.


The new clan features are really interesting. It looks like we have chat channels you can access through the website or the app. That might be a good way to split into groups based on platform/timezone. I’ve added channels for PS4, Xbox and PC, we’ll see once the game launches if those are useful for organising.


It seems like everything is finally in one place! Hopefully the 100 clan member limit won’t be an issue, I haven’t looked at the group/clan alliances and how that all works.


Hey I’d love to get involved with the PC clan. My Bungie account is CaptainBobby and my Blizzard info is CaptainBobby#11806.

I’ll probably play Titan but maybe I’ll branch out and try something different!

Edit: Request sent to PC clan


Hello fellow PC Destiny Waypointers. (clan join request sent)


So one negative of the new Destiny 2 app is that when someone joins a clan you have admin rights in, you get a clan membership request and a generic “notification”. And it also seems to classify clan membership requests as a type of notification. So right now, when three people joined I got a notification on my phone about three membership requests, and a notification about six notifications. And those two things showed up in the app in different places.


Gonna send a clan request through PC, I’m PlainZombie#1813


pc, tinaun#1385


hello it is me, I’m applying for PC



hello :wave: and welcome!