Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


I’ll have to file a report in the beta forum. The FATT tag showed up on my first time through the beta but on subsequent log ins it has disappeared.


Applying for XBox! My gamertag is TurboTango.


Another for Xbox! Glad to have you on, I’ll add you on XBL (My GT is my Gjallarsean)


Applying for PC, Blackie62 on BattleNet.


I’ll add you on XB, too (GT TestApparatus)!


I just denied a clan request because I didn’t see their username in this thread. If you want to join the clan, please post here first so we know you’re a forum member!


Yoooooo, I’m totally down for this. I put somewhere between 800-900 hours in the first game, and I did so primarily playing solo and with randoms. Did all the end game content, went to the lighthouse a few times, etc. It mostly worked out fine, but it’d be nice to have a solid group to run with, and theoretically a group founded on the Waypoint forums should have a higher likelihood of attracting good people, yeah? Seems good to me.

Anyways, I’ll get on Bnet and request to join now. Looking forward to playing with some of you!

EDIT: Sweet baby marmalade! I count just FOUR other Xbox users! Yikes. I wonder if I’ll actually be ABLE to stick with this clan. I hadn’t thought of it before, but I may actually have to look for a clan specifically for Xbox users :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s your XB name, @Dante2k4? I’m not in the clan, either, for the same reason, but am eager to friend up and play with folks from the forum here.


Gamertag is Dante2k4 :]

I have an old (bad) habit of using the same handle across different services >_>

I’ll probably play mostly solo for at least the first few days, going at my own pace, but later in the week I’ll likely start wanting to group with people.


Hi everyone, on the eve of the release of Destiny 2 I’m going to try and complete all 4 raids in Destiny 1 as I’ve not yet finished these to my shame… Add me on PSN: thepluginbaby I’m a lvl 35 warlock and have lots of guns.


I’ll add you on XBL. I’m gonna at least see how things go with this clan to start out, and see if more Xbox people join up. My GT is the same as my handle here, Gjallarsean.


HI everyone, looking to join this wonderful community on some Destiny 2. Also just looking for some fellow gamers to play games with. Steam: Amuro_RX, PSN: AmuroRX

Lets all enjoy some games!


I’m requested to join the Waypoint clan. Itching for some raiding @thepluginbaby . I like Muse but not that much anymore…


Whoops, I denied your invite earlier this morning. Please make sure you post here when you apply! If you apply again I’ll add you.


Cool, I’ve resent! Can’t just let anybody in… I like it. Exclusive.


Hello, I just applied for the PS4 clan! My PSN is AmmarTheRipper (plz don’t judge, I was 13 once), and I played a Titan all of Destiny 1. I’ll probably stick to that in Destiny 2 even though Warlock definitely has a bit of my interest.

I tried to join a clan during Destiny 1, but I get a bit stressed when I have to deal with lots of people saying questionable stuff. It feels like Waypoint has a better community though so I’d love to be a part of it :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I’m new to Destiny but I’m looking forward to figuring out with you cool folks :slight_smile: I just sent my request, I’m: karate-tron on PSN.


Hey guys! I just got a working PS4 mic for the first time so I would love to play some Destiny with y’all as we send it off haha. Hoping to be a much more active player in this clan for D2! I’ll be mostly online and open to playing with people for the next week or so.


Hey people!

It’s been a while since i played Destiny on the PS4 but i recently pre-ordered Destiny 2 so i am probably going to play that a bit on the PS4 and it would be nice to maybe have a group to play with.
If i remember correctly my PSN id is Lochador but i think my name on the Bungie website might be different.


Hey all! If you’re still accepting folks, would love to find some more folks to play with as we get close to launch day :D. I played a lot of Destiny 1, and have at some point completed all of the raids previous to the Rise of Iron expansion, as I switched from Xbox One to PS4 and lost most of raid group. My PSN ID is oddmanout22287