Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


Hey, everyone! I just signed up to join on Bungie’s site. Bnet is Brisden#1506! I’m really excited about the opportunity to jump into PC release alongside such a solid community.


Hey all, I’m (sigh) loucifer88 on psn. Now if this permissions message ever goes away, I’ll see you in game


HI, sent a request. PSN ID is Oscar1093
I played through the whole on Destiny 1 with hunter so I’m trying Warlock as I go into Destiny 2 (cannot get used to this jump).
Looking forward to playing with y’all


So i am already in the clan and have already played the first 3 story missions. But the clan functions are not up yet so I was wondering if anyone wants to team up and play some today after 17.00 CEST or something? I should also meantion that i am playing on the PS4


PSN ID is SaltPoweredRobo :robot: I think I did everything right to send the request!


My copy of Destiny 2 is arriving Friday, and I am busily trying to run through all the content I skipped on Destiny 1. I usually avoid any multiplayer content because of online toxicity, but the idea of a Waypoint Clan is maybe exactly what I need to turn that around.

I have been playing Hunter, but will likely roll a Titan alt, as I generally play tanks.

I’m not super competitive, but would love to spend time with an excellent community free from the usual bullshit. PSN name is fossen

Thanks all! Looking forward to seeing you online!


Hey all, long time caller first time listener etc. Also someone who soloed (solo-ed? solo’d?) most of the original Destiny due to generally finding online multiplayer to be too toxic, but thinking a Waypoint clan might be a good antidote to that. Got Destiny 2 last night, so far I’ve been playing Hunter but I’ll probably mess around with the various classes too in case one of them really stands out to me.

PSN name is icanseemonsters - hope to see you around!


I have requested to join- another player who mostly soloed Destiny 1, but as a Waypoint fan who picked up numba 2 I think I’ll give this clan thing a shot.

PSN name is SixTwoSixFour


Hey, just a quick reminder that while we wait for clan services to come online, you can join Friends at the Waypoint, a Playstation community for Waypoint and FatT fans.


hey, kyle here, kybrsmith on PSN. can’t wait to see y’all in game!


NextTable18 is my Xbox handle


Already joined the clan but since the feature isn’t available yet, I’m putting my PSN ID here anyway for folks who want some company shooting aliens and dancing in Destiny 2 right now!


Feel free to add me. Just tell me you’re from here! I will add others who posted their IDs, if that’s alright


Hey, Rigour on PSN. Like some other folks here I solo’ed most of my time in Destiny 1 but it’d be cool to see more of the game this time around with some chill folks. I’m have a great time with the new look Titan getting through the story so looking forward to playing some strikes with y’all :smiley:


Hi everyone, I’m dc_juv3nal on psn. please do mention that you’re from waypoint forums if you send me an invite/request.


Hi folks. I’m rikc137 on PSN. I’ll be sending a request in a few minutes. I’m super excited to find some cool people to run raids and nightfall.


Hi everyone. I’m Onebrow on PSN, I’ll try to join the group once I’m home from work. I soloed all of Destiny and felt that I really missed out on seeing the Raids etc, so I’d quite like to have the option of grouping up with some good people.


Hi, all! I’m chrsvw on PSN. Looking for a group to run strikes and raids with.


Hey all. My PSN ID is spork_armada. Played a bunch of D1 but never had a reliable squad to run stuff with. Here’s hoping they’ve got this clan stuff figured out this time.


Quick note in case anyone is in the same spot as me: I expected clan membership to count as 1 per Bungie account (with platforms able to join different clans just as added freedom) but it seems to be 1 per platform account. As the clan is filling up (Over 2/3rds full before PC is even here) then it probably means only active accounts should be members.

I’d initially joined with both PC and PSN (because a bad PC beta would have likely pushed me towards PS4 and at some point I might get it on PS4 and had played a tiny bit of D1 on that platform) but have now left with the PSN account (I’ll definitely be playing on PC) and it appears to have dropped the membership count.


Hello everyone, I already requested to join the group. My PSN ID is Slothguy25, Looking forward to playing with some people, I played the first one entirely by myself and felt like I missed out on so much. Really hoping to be ready to do the raid when it launches.