Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


Yeah we’ll see how quickly the 100 member limit is reached. We might have to split up the main clan into platform based clans once we reach that limit. When we do, we already have a few suggestions of clan names to go from, but asking for suggestions from the community is always a fun time!


Hey. I’m pws_81 on PSN.
Mainly do warlock right now. Might switch to Titan.


It’s not too late to join, is it?


Not too late! Never too late.


Cool. I think my Bungie net name is JusticeMoose? It’s that or it’s the same as it is here, I forget if I used my internet name or PSN name for that. If you’re not just accepting anyone that tries to get in, that’s me what hit the join clan button on the site, that is. One of those names.


It looks like clan stuff is working in-game as of today!


I just dropped in an application for the clan, can’t wait to start killing some Cabal with Waypointers.


Helloooooo i am felix friends call me Fe <3 I have kittens and love destiny and would v much like to play with you all <3

i think failsafe is the best



Just applied to clan, psn name is Fahrenheitlols, looking forward to playing Destiny 2 with people!


I’d love to join! I played all of Destiny solo, so I missed out on a lot of content that I dont want to miss out this time around!
EDIT My PSN is SenilePalmtree, requesting to join in just a minute.


I’m Rhyme, and I’m looking for a group that won’t be huge transphobes (I’m nonbinary) and tbh I trust peeps involved in this community way more than most!

Psn name’s YoshiyaKiryu
(If anyone gets that reference you have my eternal respect.)
I’ll send a req in a sec.


The Red Tree Hawks
: p


I’ve been on the discord for a while but i joined the forum so I could play with a good group of people. I sent a request with the psn name drugs-dot-jpg


Hello - I am Tevin_II, just sent a request


Hey, I’d like to get in on the clan fun :slight_smile: I’ll probably go PC when its released, but for now I’m PS4 - PSN is zerosuitsoopie - I’ll send a request in a bit


Hi! I’m Dan. I solo’d a lot on Destiny 1, but I’d like to maybe play with some people this time, maybe??
My warlock is a blue fellow, and my PSN is BARNDOOR44.
I’ve requested to join my new, dear friends at Bungie’s website.


Hey, looking to jump in on this and play with folks on PS4. PSN is same name as here. Gonna go hit the button on the other site now.


Hi all. Another ex-pat from the Idle Thumbs clan here. I go by Mr_ButlerTron on PSN. I just sent a request to join this well named clan.


Hi, all! I totally forgot that I joined this clan back in Destiny 1 and was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up in my menu when the clan stuff went live for the new game today. My PSN is FaerieGodfather, hoping to see you all out there!


So is the clan roster actually working in game, or is it just me that has the continuous loading icon in place of any actual names?

Anyway, looking forward to playing with others. Feel free to friend request me, PSN akins286