Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


Hi hello just sent a join request, PSN name is MJKenney


Same continuous loading icon for me. Hopefully they sort it out soon. Being able to invite folks from the clan to stuff is… most of the point.


Just started Destiny 2 and would love a clan to play with. I don’t play all the time, but it would be nice to not have to play alone all the time. Request sent to join… thanks!


oh yes perfect hello, just requested on PSN as VannDiras


Hi- I’ve been playing solo and am interested in checking out some of the multiplayer stuff. PSN: oatjay


Would love to join on PS4. FireProof is my username.


I am new to Destiny but am really enjoying. I’d love to be a part of the waypoint clan. PSN pastorman51


I’d like to join! I’m Mowgers on PSN (I wiiiiish i could change that), UK based.


Hey guys, just dropping in to say I’m really excited so many people are joining the clan and I’m looking forward to playing with all of you! I absolutely love this game and I can’t wait to party up with y’all and hang out (I’m BottomlessPete on PSN)


Hey Waypointers. I’m Avengerdalton on xbox. New to the forums, but figured this would be the place to find good good people to play D2 with. Peace.


It’s been a while since I posted in a forum, still getting the hang of this.


One suggestion for the other Xbox people, is there a group we can set up or is the clan interface good enough?


Adding you on XB - I’m TestApparatus.


Hello im raawwrrimabear on Xbox i play mostly Titan but am willing to play any class


I’m in the Waypoint group on XBox, but generally don’t see anybody.


Sorry, not groups, “clubs”.


Ok ok, I caved and ended up getting the bloody game. The PS4 clan isn’t full yet, is it? I’m shaunh22 played a warlock in D1 and likely will again. I mostly soloed the first came also, didn’t get to do any of the raids and so forth so would like to try that this time!


Hi everyone. I’m new to this community but I’d love to get more involved. I’ve just sent a request to the clan for my PSN tag “CharlesOnDemand”.


My impression from the couple of clubs I’ve signed on to is that they haven’t picked up much traction, which is kind of too bad. I’d suggest a waypoint destineers XB club, but … would that work?


Heyoooo Waypoint peoples. I would like to meet other guardians to do raids and stuff for destiny 2. PSN request from Kong725. Big hunter fan, with some time thrown in as a warlock.