Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


Hi all, I’m interested in trying multiplayer this time around. In D1 I soloed and got bored. The sequel already seems more fun. PSN name: jnark32.


Awww, PS4 clan is full already :frowning_face:


doesn’t mean you can’t play with us! i’ll add you on psn! i’ve played with a couple of people on here already. feel free to join me when you see me on!


Looks like there’s only 6 more spots open, and I think we have about EIGHT Xbox players.

Kinda sucks. I really like the idea of this thing, but that’s just not enough people. If it had been at least 12-15 people who are on somewhat regularly that would’ve been something, but man… eight? I don’t think that’s gonna lead to many parties being formed too often.


Yeah I agree with you, 100 members is pretty limiting in that regard.


It looks like the clan is maxed out! We will likely make the current FATT clan a console only clan, and create an affiliated clan for PC folks. Please be on the lookout for information about this in the next few days! We will ask current battlenet members to transfer to this new clan. I’m very pumped that there are so many folks who want to join, thanks y’all!


Not really active on the forums, but a big fan of Waypoint and crew.


@Boogie what’s your PSN tag? I think I saw a request from you but wasn’t sure if you were a waypointer or not.


yeah, I JUST got my copy like an hour ago so it sucks to hear the clan is full. Kind of figured, with the Destiny 2 interest in the WP community, that we’d need to split the clans for console / pc, or even per platform if it grows larger.

I’m in FATT as a PC player, let me know where the clan plans are heading and I’ll leave / resubmit accordingly.
Now, to get my guardian through early game.


@cyberspacecat if you leave the clan with your blizz account and reapply with your PSN I’ll get you in!


I’m playing on Xbox, my gt is Boogie.


Will do, I’m “ROUGHplague” on PSN.
Will be checking for PC clan updates, not that there’s any rush considering its ridiculous release date.
(edit: apparently I’m still cyberspacecat on Bungie’s sites, nice)


Hi, my name is Jimmy or Weatherless. I am interested in joining the FATT clan. Request will be coming from PSN weatherlesss (3 S’s). Thank you!


Overflow (for now PC) clan naming thread is up. Have your say on what the affiliated clan is called.


Hello, I’d like to join. My PSN is chopkang. I like to play all three classes, but I’ll probably be grinding out a Titan or Hunter first. I played D1 solo a lot, but I love doing raids and stuff too, and I’d definitely be down to group up for some strikes or PVP.


The only problem is it’s one more list to maintain. It might be a good way to get together for those non communication runs. If you set it up I would join and bully my brother too.


I just set up a Friends at the Tower club on xbox. I set it to private to keep the riffraff out. I can change ownership if anyone wants. Let me know if you want in. Maybe it will help the few of us on xbox get together easier.


I grabbed the banner for the xbox club, hope that is okay.



Hey, I’ve never played Destiny before and I’m looking for people to play with. My PSN is Osmiles. Sent my request and hope I can get in!