Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


When the folks are moved to the PC clan, we should try to prioritize some Xbox users for the console sect. Kinda sucks, but… we really need to beef those numbers up a little.

I also like the idea of having the clan split for each platform, but I don’t think there’s enough Xbox players yet to really make much of a clan for us, and at the very least I like that we all benefit from having a large group of people contributing to clan xp and all that. What a conundrum!


Once the PC side kicks off (6 weeks) then it might be that xbox and PC players join together under that clan (unless we get deluged by a huge number of Waypoint PC players) to ensure XP is good for everyone. I don’t think anyone wants to leave the xbox players stuck in a small clan if they’re the smallest platform.



I sent in a request to join the clan. My PSN is VertThunder.


Mattmitchell_45 on PSN and old school Streamfriends/FatT/Waypoint fan. Send a request to join


Appreciate all the people looking out for us xboxers.


Hello! I sent a request to join on PSN, username StabbyPenguin007. Played a lot of Destiny 1 but mostly solo player. Want to be more active in multiplayer in Destiny 2.


Hello, I am interested in joining. It will be from a titan by the name of zeigfrieddomino. Was referred by a friend


Hey everyone! I’m playing Destiny 2 on PS4 and my PSN IS quartermoose. I’m new to the forums as well, but I am super excited to get more involved. I just started Destiny 2 as a hunter but have my warlock from the last game too. I am posting here because I really want more people to play with and love the environment that Waypoint has created in gaming!


Hi! It me, Raven! I’m playing on PS4! I was here day 1 on the forums, but haven’t been active in a while. Hope to see y’all in Destiny 2!


Hi, I’m playing on PS4, MagicPhone, just sent a request. Hoping to have some chill shoot times with chill folks.


Hey all! I’ll be playing the PC version when it comes out, but have not yet requested to join the clan since I figured I would let the console folk get on it first. Just popping in here to say hello and check if I’ll be all by my lonesome :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: In case that wasn’t clear, I’m Varkhan on BattleNet


A PC clan is soon to be formed Naming the 2nd unofficial Waypoint Community Destiny (PC) Clan


Hello Friends,

I’m Ryan. I’ve been meaning to join the forums instead of just lurking for a while, and this is what pushed me. Currently sitting, waiting, wishing for a spot to open up. Meanwhile, I am playing Warlock for the The Adventure Zone clan, with thoughts of rolling a hunter to be a good melee boy. If anyone would like to do Nightfalls with me, I’m rhabdovirus_ (underscore) on PS4


Hello fellow guardians. I’m Red Reamer on Xbox. Looking for friendly players for group activities.


Hello everyone! I’m starting to organize for this week’s raid launch! Here’s a doodle poll: just add your discord/forum name for the times and dates you could do a raid, Depending on how many people are available and willing, we’ll split into different groups! You should be 265 light (currently the assumed minimum to enter the raid) by raid time!

new poll is up : Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


I’m emysdk on PSN and I’d love to join the clan, but I’m not really sure how much I’d be able to contribute and don’t want to take a space that could go to someone who could be more active (or to freeride on all the sweet, sweet clan bonus drops from other people doing the hard work!). I basically only get to play for a few hours at the weekends, and I’m UK-based so the timing probably wouldn’t be great.

If I ever see anyone with the FATT tag in patrol, you’ll get my “I got your back” emote, and you’ll be first choice when I’m looking for guided games should you come up.


We finally have some space, if everyone on PC can join us in the Popplio room.

Same process for joining (message here so we know who you are and we’ll approve you in). If you were in the FATT clan on PC, I should have sent you an invite.


Will this mean spots in this clan will open up soon?


That is the plan. We’ve got a few PC players moving over once they respond to the invites (check your messages people who previously joined FATT with a PC profile and are still members) that should allow a few more console players into the main (currently active) clan roster.


Hey I was away on Vacation for the last 10 days. I’ll get myself switched over to the PC clan. My BNet name is Captain Bobby.

Cheers and good luck console Guardians.