Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


Request for PC clan sent, I’m CobaltSnow :snowflake:


Also adding. My GT is Gjallarsean.


If there’s room I’d love to join. I’m Sohkrates on PSN. Played a bunch of D1 and I’m a big ol’ lore nerd for this game.


As a lore nerd of Destiny, do you think a good way to peruse it all is through the grimoire database? I never actually checked those out in the original game.


Totally! There’s lots of good content in there. Heck, plenty of them stand by themselves as solid science fiction short stories. Some notable ones are the series on The Last Word, Thorn, and of course The Books of Sorrow.


Uh, looks like I forgot to rejoin after a friend asked me to check out some of the options on clan creation.

Is there still room on PSN?


Thanks, I’ll take a day or two here and there checking them out, some of the cool stuff brought up on podcasts and now brought to light (I assume) during the Destiny 2 class quests got me very interested.


Yeah the clan roster filled up very quickly after launch, but we’re in the process of transferring some PC users to a separate affiliated PC clan. We will trickle in console players into FATT at the same time as spots free up, I’ll keep you posted.


I’m DF_Salem on PSN would love an invite, thanks


Let me know when you’re on regularly. I’m at power level 271 and need people to do the nightfall and raid with


Added you too. If you see me on just send an invite. I need people to do the Nightfall and Raid with


Ooo, I sure slept on this too late! If a spot opens up, I’d love to join. My PSN is BK1239.


I’d also love to join! my PSN in tpack37


Hey! My PSN is Disnux and I play hunter, played a lot of D1 and it’s just hard to find a group to stick with but this was recommended to me by a relative


Heyooo, just signed up for the Waypoint forums to join a Destiny 2 clan full of cool cats that like diverse discourse. I’m a 35 year old Warlock with one darling little girl (so far), so I play when I can. Unfortunately when I created my dude in the original I went for a very uninteresting design when I could have chose a robobro or space elf. Anyway, hopefully some capacity clears up and I get to actually join, but in the meantime, hello everyone!


New post regarding the blind raid:


So it looks like there are only 6 people in the clan on xbox. I have never wanted crossplatform play more than right now.


Wow, really? That’s rough…


Hi, y’all!
I don’t come to the forums much, but I’ve been around the community from the start (followed Austin from Giant Bomb). I’m pretty late to Destiny. Didn’t play 1 at all, checked out the beta for 2 on a lark, and really enjoyed it. I’m playing on PS4.

PSN ID: teenagerfromars
(I was listening to The Misfits a lot at the time)

feel free to add me, and i’ll keep my fingers crossed for more spots to open up in the clan.


I know other communities create multiple clans when not everyone fits into one. Maybe we should consider that?