Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


There’s a separate clan for PC already, but it looks like there might be enough demand for a second PS4 clan as well?


We’ve made a second one intended for PC only players, but we are still in the process of moving everyone over, I believe. Once the servers are back up I may take a peek at the numbers and see what it will look like once we’ve made that transition.

@TrumpetingKiwi I’m wondering that as well, not sure how full a second clan would get though.


The initial thinking was that splitting by platform might be necessary but that with our current membership this would split a small number of xbox players off from the clan rewards of being in a big clan who are all contributing to clan xp.

We currently have [PALS] for PC and have discussed (once that group is active for the PC release) maybe making FATT PSN only and making PALS for PC & xbox (as we currently are mainly PSN and popularity pre-release indicated we expected PSN to be our biggest group with PC 2nd). Once maintenance is over we’ll be moving any PC profiles that haven’t migrated yet and clawing back a few more slots in FATT but this may not be the permanent solution.

If people wish to try using an early overflow clan (before the PC release next month) then I think we’d be open to doing that with PALS (@crasstiger takes lead on decisions so don’t take this as official) as right now there is plenty of space.


Is there any merit in having Europe and US clans?


Personally I don’t think so, people who play early in the day in US tend to overlap with people in the EU? I’m raiding with some US and some EU people on wednesday for example, and this clan facilitated that.


With PC (not sure about consoles but I think they’re mixed there) just being a selection box you pick before launching (to decide who you can play with) then I think keeping America and Europe mixed makes sense (with a 4-10 hour timezone difference then there is plenty of overlap, especially at weekends).


Yeah, as someone who often plays during the ‘off hours’ in the US it’d be hard to decide which clan I actually belonged to if we did EU / US clans.

Boy, 100 person clan limits are a lot worse than I had thought they’d be.


Oh yeah I’d be open to that idea for sure, let’s check the numbers and figure this out when the servers come back online!


hey peeps! been a lurker for while but finally signed up to join the PC clan. Played hunter in D1, but thinking…Titan? this time? Hoping to be a little more valuable in endgame teams this time around.


Hey, I’m a warlock on PS4, PSN ID is Seer235. I played with some people from the discord and had a lot of fun, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for open clan spaces.


Hi everyone and especially any console players who have asked about joining but haven’t yet found a space. This clan is a collective and so we want everyone to be able to be involved in any decisions made about how it works.

As discussed above, we’re thinking about opening PALS (the current clan where PC players are waiting for the slightly later release) up as an overflow clan for console players. From there we could shuffle into any spare slots that later open up in FATT (if we end up with few enough active players to fit) or balance the sizes to relieve the space pressure/allow groups of friends & comrades to make sure they can all play in the same clan by having a partial move to PALS from existing console players already in the clan.

It does appear like we already have more interest from just PSN players than can fit in a single 100 profile clan so it may not be enough to make FATT PSN only (even if we decided that is a good idea, to have all xbox players in the smaller clan for now). So moving that way may end up with 100 PSN players in one clan and then only a few PSN players in the other clan. It might make more sense right now (for finding clan-friends to play with/raid prep) to keep xbox players all in the larger clan so that more PSN players are together in the overflow. That way both clans may have enough player on a single platform for active raid groups - we can hopefully shuffle people between the clans as needed for any scheduling requirements and make this all work with the weekly Clan XP system so everyone gets the rewards from clan membership.

But again, we are looking for suggestions of how you want the clans to be run and what solutions you think will work best for how you want to play the game. We are thinking about prioritising people who are active (as tracked by destinytracker) just so that we don’t end up with profiles from players who have quit the game but not left the clan filling up slots that an active player wishes to join. We want to facilitate a fun, friendly, and positive space in Destiny 2, free from harassment and inconsiderate language, which can fit as many people as want to join - we just need to work out how we best achieve that goal.

How would you like this to work?


Hi there my name is John! I’m not a very active forum user but I’ve been following Waypoint since the beginning. I also didn’t play Destiny 1 but have fallen in deep with Destiny 2 (sitting at 260 power) but I don’t have any friends who play so I wanted to turn to a community clan so I could start doing strikes and raids and stuff. Honestly my first instinct was to turn to a giant bomb clan, but in thinking about voice chatting with people it was really important to me that I join up with people who are explicitly inclusive and welcoming to queer and other marginalized folks. I knew I could count on the Waypoint community to spell that stuff out instead of just leaving it as “be chill”.
Looking through the thread I realize the PSN clan if full but I wanted to get my post in on here anyway. Hopefully space opens up or maybe even a 2nd PSN clan gets made! thanks for you time everyone!


If people are looking for a way to group up with the Waypoint community, but don’t have access to a clan just yet then I highly recommend the Discord server. There’s a Destiny 2 channel and so far it’s been very active with people looking to group up.


My suggestions would be to make additional clans as they fill, regardless of what platform people are playing on. I’m not quite sure how the clan benefits work cross-platform, but the immediate issue is that people are playing the game without the in-game benefits of being part of the Waypoint community.

So my vote would be to just open up PALS to everyone I guess. Trying to make sure everyone is able to play within the same sku seems like more administrative hassle than it’s worth in the long term, and something players can correct themselves if they find one of the clans is more on their schedule/platform.


I have updated the first post with information on how to get on the [FATT] membership waiting list, as well as joining [PALS] in the meantime. Link to the post here: Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint.

Link to join Popplio Pals [PALS] here.

Link to the FATT membership waiting list form here.

EDIT: the membership waiting list was populated with all the previous requests made here on the forum. Don’t worry, we got you!

Thanks for the interest everyone, it is lovely to finally see how active the clans are in the game.


Just realized I failed to include my PSN username on this post. So sorry! PSN name is Big_Shoes_Please


great we got it, thanks!


Just set myself up on the waiting list, but I’m a long-time follower and first-time participant of Waypoint 'n Friends. Thought I’d introduce myself here and try and get myself set up in a PS4 clan with you guys! PSN name is Gregori_Rasputin and very excited to play with some of you guys.

As somebody brand new to Destiny, the amount of content and polish in this game is staggering, and I’m very excited to see what Bungie does with this game as a platform moving forward!!


Hey all, I’m ligeti. It’s been a while since I played any MMO-style game, I can’t wait for the PC release next month, and, if you’ll have me, I’d love to join up with the Popplio Pals. My biggest hesitation with getting into multiplayer games is finding people to play with who aren’t super serious about how others play the game and who don’t contribute to a toxic atmosphere. This will be my first Destiny game, and my main hope is to just relax and have fun with it, and a clan of people from the Waypoint community sounds exactly like who I’d want to play with!


Just saw this but i’m happy the community went with my url for the 2nd destiny 2 clan haha