Friends at the Tower [FATT], Owls in the Barn [OWLS], Friends at the Farm [FARM] and Popplio Pals [PALS], Destiny clans for fans of Waypoint


This is exactly why I wanted to join a Waypoint clan. I also thought about giantbomb but had a not great experience with Dota2. Granted, it was dota. As a person who already has anxiety over talking with strangers, I am definitely more drawn to the waypoint ethos.


Oops thought I sent this message but my PSN is RiverCityRansm. I have a 267 Warlock, a rat gun to unlock, and haven’t done the nightfall sooooo yeah!


Hey, I don’t have a lot of time to play in the evenings, but I’m really excited to play with you all. Applied to Popplio Pals.


I thought I’d chime in here and note that myself and a few other Waypointers on Xbox left the clan for other clans so we can have a larger potential group. My experience with my new clan so far has been pretty positive. That said, I (and others on Xbox) would love to play with as many Waypoint people as positive, so I’ll continue coming back to this thread to see if any Xbox people show up and add to my friends list. Anyone on Xbox, please feel free to add/message me on XBL. GT: Gjallarsean.


I agree RE: Waypoint ethos, and so far every interaction I’ve had on Xbox Live/Destiny with a Waypoint person has been incredibly positive and fun.

BTW, I have added you to the Xbox thread, so you can keep up with the haps of our scrappy crew.


Hey I see you on. I’m NextTable18. If you’re ever down to play let me know. I need to be the Nightfall strike still and give the raid a go


If anyone is around on Xbox and wants to do the Nightfall strike or raid let me know


I should be back on later today.


Hey there! I just joined up cause I have virtually no friends who play so I’ll be requesting to join Popplio pals (an extremely good name) as Jaquitos on PSN. :slight_smile:


Hello all! I’m Scoresbee on PSN, and just sent in my FATT waiting list request and PALS request as well.

Feel free to add me on PSN. Look forward to playing with everyone!


Hey! I’m Jallarzie also on PSN and I would love to play some Destiny with all you awesome friendly people!
I’ll be filling the form for the waiting list and also requesting for Popplio Pals in the meantime.


Ok trying to catch up on stuff since launch. I’m still working through the last bit of the game but im already in the clan. Is the clan full now? Cause one the new guys to the forum is a buddy of mine, @Zeigdomino . If there’s no room in the FATT group, I’m willing to move over to the PALS and make room for others.


Hello all! I’m EnkiduBrewing on PSN, and I’ve just applied to get into PALS. I’m hoping to do the raid blind this weekend, hit me up if you’re interested!


Hey I’m free in the afternoons (I’m jaquitos on PSN), but fair warning I never did any raids in D1


Just sent a request in at Popplio Pals and hoping it gets approved. My PSN is Livevil999 and I’d like to play some destiny 2 with some good peeps for raids and such on PS4. Hoping it gets approved (or a FATT spot opens up).


Just sent a request for Popplio Pals (ninternity on PSN). I just started playing Destiny 2, but was hoping to find some folks to raid with.


Destiny has finally got me to join the Waypoint forums, and I can’t think of a better group of people to play the game with. I’ll be sending a request to the PALS group (PSN, username MorganMM) in hopes of nightfalling and raiding with some new friends!


Hey y’all, so the [FATT] waiting list getting more and more filled up, enough to the point that creating a 2nd console clan (3rd clan overall) would be good.

We certainly don’t want to make anybody feel left out or make a clan feel more exclusive than another, and would like for all the clans to be equally active. The idea of making clans relative to your time zones came up and we thought it wise to seek your opinion. We also want to see whether or not everyone splits into equal amounts if we did this. Could you help us out by please taking this poll and checking in which category you fit in? Thanks!

  • North American time zones
  • European time zones

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In the event that another console clan is created, we will do our best to make sure that organizing activities remains possible between everyone irrespective of which clan you belong to.


Hey Destiny friends! I’m a new destiny player and looking for peeps to raid and do strikes with c: Xbox tag: Broccolass


Welcome! We don’t have a lot of Xbox peeps here, unfortunately. But, we do have a group chat going on XBL of everyone from Waypoint on this thread, I’ll add you on XBL and add you to our group chat. My GT is Gjallarsean.