From Banjo-Kazooie to Dark Souls, Here Are the Best Speedruns from SGDQ

Here are a few of the very best runs from the charity event.

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Great list! Need to check out the Banjo-Kazooie speedrun.

Would also give a shoutout to the Kingdom Hearts II FM+ speedrun. Great showcase of how to make bosses just melt on Critical. Also, the bonus Lvl 1 Data Org, Sephiroth, and Lingering Will are great.

If you have the chance, and I know it’s eight hours, but the Final Fantasy VII speedrun was one of the most impressive runs that I have ever seen. The people running the game had such a deep knowledge of all of the mechanics in the game that allowed them to pull off all of these time-saving tricks, and they explained it in such a way that it was easy to chew for a casual viewer. On top of that, they all powered through the eight hours without ever getting up for food, drink, or a restroom break.

Yes! This run was absolutely fantastic because the commentary was so good. They also provided story summaries as they went along which was cool and helpful. They avoided lame jokes but still kept everything informative and entertaining. Highly recommend:

Another run I loved was this quick one of Tetris The Grand Master 3. How this guy plays, even while talking, had me absolutely floored.

And if I can throw my two cents in on one to avoid, don’t watch the Link to the Past run from this event. The couch is super obnoxious and is the height of the exhausting “we’re so sick at this game so we’re going to comment on how bad it is.” Yeah, really excited to hear y’all tell us how lazy and dumb the developers of the game are. They also just spend most of the run shit talking each other with in-jokes which is super boring.