From the New Xbox to a FromSoft Open World Game, Our Wildest E3 2019 Predictions

Dread it, run from it, E3 still arrives. Despite quickly deleting any email referencing the “electronic entertainment expo” in our inboxes, apparently that won’t stop gaming’s biggest event from happening, so we might as well yell into a microphone about it. Austin, Cado, and Patrick use the press conference schedule for next week to talk about expectations, rumors, and surprises set for next week. And yes, we spend a lot of time wondering about the new From Software game. We also touch on a few games we’ve been playing, including Gato Roboto, Slay the Spire, and a VR game where you’re, uh, a kayak assassin? Seriously.

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I have been really interested in Gato Roboto, glad to hear it’s so good! I’ll be picking it up this week. The art style reminds me on Minit, one of my favorite games I played last year.

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I also saw that game and was like “Did the guy who made minit make another game?” Even the key art looks strikingly similar. I picked it up yesterday night and finished it this morning, if you like Metroid, you’ll like this.

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If Austin can dream about mecha souls then I can dream that the Avengers game is a FFT-Style RPG with romance options.


My prediction: Master Chief in Smash

I thought maybe one of the Microsoft acquisitions could be Techland, which would be pretty cool, but I just saw they’re partnering with Enix to release Dying Light 2, so probably not.

I would love if the new Fable that is heavily rumored gets revealed.

My top E3 hopes and dreams that I know will never happen:

  1. Dead Space reboot
  2. Sleeping Dogs 2
  3. :skateboard::skateboard::skateboard::skateboard:
  4. A follow-up to the Vita
  5. A new good street racing racer (gimme my Midnight Club 5!!!)

If another lore reasons season doesn’t happen I will be truly bummed but I understand the amount of work that probably takes to prepare.


I can’t wait for Yoko Taro Presents: Metal Gear Solid 6, exclusive to the Xbox Two and Microsoft Game Store


I’m the same way with Waypoint 101’s, which is another great series but the amount of input to output honestly can’t be all that feasible in terms of research/playtime to engage able content on the other end. I honestly thought Lore Reasons was going to take that place because of it probably being much easier to watch a couple hours of YouTube videos, but maybe with Nat gone a big chunk of the enthusiasm/driver is just gone.

I just really want Campo Santo to drop a new In The Valley Of The Gods trailer. I am very excited for that game.

Farcry 7 will be set in the mushroom kingdom at the Ubisoft press conference. A developer will get teary eyed when Miyamoto makes an appearance to simply give the thumbs up. Yes we saw what you did with Farcry and we give you the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom.

You’ll be a stranger in a distant land, stomping on goombas and fending off turtles to utilise their shells as weapons. You’ll use a cart to drive around the mushroom kingdom. It’s not totally confirmed whether you are in fact playing mario but it’s pretty obvious.

But hang on a minute what about Farcry 6? Well Farcry 7 is such ‘a farcry’ from Farcry 5, ubisoft just straight up skipped Farcry 6.

I have a feeling Rockstar is gonna drop a big RDR2 thing with an emphasis on Multiplayer Roleplay.

With the way GTA V RP has blown up in recent months, I can see Rockstar trying to corner that market with their own underwhelming thing.

Nintendo will start their direct with a heartfelt introduction from Shigesato Itoi looking back on the Mother series, before Sakurai hands him a torch and Itoi ignites a 20 ft wicker Ness

The rest of the direct is just a live feed of the fire

Opens with Reggie coming in out of retirement, announcing he has a disc of the Mother 3 Switch port. The only disc. Then he smashes it with a hammer, laughs, and leaves.


H.O.R.S.E. - Hazardous Operational Region Symbiotic Exoskeleton

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So Gato Roboto up and played for about an hour, I’m probably about 1/3rd of the way through based off of the 3 tasks you need to do. I like Metroid ok, but I don’t love the sprawling maps and huge backtracking, but I feel like the scale of this game mitigates every problem I have with those games. It’s also a delight to play, and the puzzles are fun!

Also the coordinates where you crash is 42069, so it’s a nice game.