'Frozen Synapse 2' Melds Strategy and Tactics in a Political Cyberpunk City

Above: Check out our exclusive first look at Frozen Synapse 2!

The first time you watch Frozen Synapse 2 footage, you’ll hit a specific moment where you start to understand what the game is: The camera, which has up until now been displaying a dense, glowing urban landscape like some sort of cyberpunk City: Skylines, begins to swoop and turn until it is vertical, over a single building’s roof. And then it zooms in to reveal a (similarly glowing) view of the building’s interior, now dotted with a dozen or so (also glowing) silhouetted figures preparing for tactical combat.

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So glad they returned to and expanded on the classic Frozen Synapse style after Prime was so ugly and bad.

this looks amaaazing. it’s been a long time, i’m ready to go back. :sunglasses:

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Somehow I totally missed Prime. But I loved the original Frozen Synapse so I’m really excited for this one – even more so as I see stories like this.

I adore simul-turn based games. I liked Frozen Synapse and I loved Frozen Cortex. I don’t really have time to fit this into my life right now, but am so glad it exists and hope I get a chance to play it sooner rather than later.

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If nothing else, this has made me wishlist Frozen Cortex after checking it has a one-player mode.

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I don’t want to sound like I’m advertising for them, but on steam Frozen Synapse comes with 2 copies and I’d totally watch Austin and Rob see who can misclick their way to defeat fastest. Hell any strategy game would probably be fun to watch.

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I had completely forgotten this was announced, but I’m extremely pumped to get back into Frozen Synapse. The city strategy layer looks like such a smart addition.

Prime was such a bizarre thing from top to bottom, a remake of a not-particularly-old game done by completely different people?

Anyway, I am super excited for 2 after watching this stream. It’s amazing how far they’ve gone with the new singleplayer. It looks like something I would actually play repeatedly.

Also I desperately need that soundtrack.

This video helped me survive a couple of hours of agonizing pain (thanks gall bladder) and also made me desperately want a game that I’m going to have to wait for… grrr.

The tactical side of it looked pretty much like what I expected. But the metagame looked really, really interesting and felt like it was hitting what is, for me, the perfect blend of randomly generated sandbox, but scripted enough that it had consistent rules and some kind of narrative direction that made sense.

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Now that August has come and gone, I’m kind of curious if it’s even going to be coming out in September. Is it weird that there’s no word on them passing their release date window? I was looking forward to it the whole month and now I’m a bit bummed out.

Same, the waypoint stream really really got me. I’ve been just checking their twitter account every day lol. (Where there have been frequent updates! About bug-squashing and last minute balancing.)

Far as I can tell, they want to wait until they’re absolutely rock solid on being able to release right away before announcing a date. I think the “in August” thing was only even said because of a steam forum uproar and was always just a guess. I get the impression now they’re aiming for the next week or two, but that’s just an impression, and who knows what bugs might hold it up.

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Good news! The official release date is September 13th (Steam Page)! Let’s get the FS1 multiplayer servers bumping in the meantime!