FYI for the interested - Hero Forge updated with a ton of new options


As somebody who’s wasted countless hours playing RPG character dress-up on, I was super excited to see that they’ve added a bunch of “bestial” options including minotaurs, dragonborn, etc, including mix-and-match body and torso (aka: “robot legs”)

If you haven’t checked it out recently, they’ve also diversified their settings, clothing, accessories, mounts…

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be over here dutifully recreating every RPG character I’ve ever played.


Interesting! Though I’m slightly terrified that this will be my new Tvtropes. I always have spent way too much time in character creators for my own good. While everyone was happily playing Mass Effect 1 at launch, I spent HOURS making my femShep look just right.


Yeah, and the ability to mix genres makes it an almost infinite time suck; you get your character right, but then what if they were in the Old West, or a Cyberpunk setting, or…?


Welp, this is dangerous! There’s so much to play with here. I’m gonna get so lost in this. Haha. It’s awesome, though. I can use this to visualize random NPCs that I’ve created. I wish I could afford them all! :open_mouth:


Oh Dear. this is going to consume the rest of my afternoon I can tell.


At last, the hero our world deserves:


Initial thoughts:

  1. Holy shit this is cool!!
  2. Why are there robots with titties?


He’s Magnificent