G4 Coming Back in 2021

I honestly never thought I would see the day…partially because I didn’t think anyone would think “wow, we need this back” and the way the channel ended was a bit of a wet fart.

That said, the tweet from the X-Play account gives me all I need to get swept up in this weird choice by, I would assume, some weird people.

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…but why though?


More than likely, digital cable and HD antenna are carving out a substantial streaming market, and investors looking at reviving old channels are looking at ways to make money in that market. There’s a popular app on hulu/amazon called Pluto TV, which is basically a free televisions service. There are whole channels on that platform dedicated to Minecraft, IGN has their own channel, there’s a channel that plays JUST Bond films.

I work for a broadcasting company that has recently revived a popular cable channel that didn’t air for some 20 years, and they’re making fantastic money in a post-cable package market.


There’s a chance to do something worthwhile here, a la the work Waypoint did with Disney, but if it’s bringing back precisely g4…I’m not sure who was asking for that. If I had a nickel for every channel on TV that specializes in police procedural reruns, I’d have a decent chunk of change.

UPDATE: Apparently there’s a thing called Venn that is just…that…already? https://twitter.com/plante/status/1286745665599672321?s=20


Every time I look at Venn, which since it is giving me the G4 pitch of a gaming-centric channel, I can’t help but feel it was made in an incubator. It comes away with the general pitch of a lot of similar online focused content of adding influencers to a concept. And I like some of these folks, but it doesn’t feel like exactly what I’m looking for.

JRPGs are getting too popular so G4 has to come back and hate them some more.

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Stuff like Icons were pretty cool, the episode about Tim Schaefer and Double Fine were what got me into trying to work in games.

On the other hand, almost everything else was deeply experimental or embarrassingly terrible. Their awards shows are probably one of the main contributors to paranoia about payola in game reviews, because they weren’t even really trying to hide it.


I understand Adam Sessler has been through some awful times but his transphobic Twitter stuff from a while back permanently soured him on me despite my youth of watching X-Play, so if he’s involved I have zero desire to have this back.


I don’t get this reference, but I’ll assume it’s a vicious burn

Will Portal be making a return?

I need to know where the Drifter be driftin’ next.

With modern games the way they are, he’s probably jumping from Day Z to Destiny.

I used to listen to the G4 feedback podcast with Adam Sessler and a young Patrick Klepek back in the day. I used to like all Sessler’s obscure references.