Gabriel Knight Creator Jane Jensen's Successful Second Act: Erotic Novelist

Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter tells a story about magic—the paranormal kind as well as where burlesque performers squirt disappearing ink at baffled men—but the most interesting thing about it, ten years later, is the magic trick that happened off-screen.

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Everytime I see Duncan Fyfe on the by-line, I know I’m in for a ride.


What a great piece!

I’m a bit surprised that visual novels never came up seeing as how much they’ve grown in recent years and a large majority of them revolve around romance.

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This piece is great! Duncan Fyfe never misses. He’s adept at finding both absurd humor and deep humanity in the little histories he tells. The comic timing in the paragraph with the Goodreads reviews is masterful!

Anyways, everyone should check out his podcast Something True. It’s good!

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