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Surely I’m not the only one who spends an unreasonable amount of time on these things. I used to play the hell out of FF: Record Keeper, then I fell out of that and took a break, and I decided the best thing to do was… double up and play both FF: Brave Exvius and FE Heroes.

In Brave Exvius I’ve mostly just been letting a TMR macro run for the past couple of weeks. Don’t care enough about FF6 to draw on this banner and the fish rate when you don’t have any bonus units is miserable. I’m hoping we get that NieR: Automata banner that came out in Japan soon, though. I need 2B on my team.

As far as Heroes goes, I had saved up to around 300 orbs when Ike came out. 170 orbs later, I have Ike, Ryoma, Hector, and Takumi. So that’s wild. I haven’t played around with the skill inheritance system very much, but now I’m tempted to pass along Distant/Close counter to someone silly. Maybe I’ll make the ULTIMATE LON’QU


Feembleem is the first Gacha I’ve played at all, tbh. Maybe it’s just because they haven’t come to the west much?

I have been having some ridiculous luck, though. In the (admittedly rare) case I’ve really, really wanted something, I’ve managed to get it. I got a Lyn on one of my first draws, I’ve managed to get an Ike and a Hector from the most recent summoning focuses.


I’ve unfortunately put an absurd amount of money into Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage. Pull rates for SSRs in that game aren’t too bad, but there’s a decent amount of them and pretty much any P doing pulls isn’t doing it just to get an SSR and is just trying to get their favorite girl. It’d be nice to see it come to US app stores, but unfortunately it’s JP only so if you wanna drop $$ you gotta start grabbing iTunes/Google Play gift cards but it’s also one of the more generous gacha games I’ve played. Gameplay is really solid and fun, it’s a 6 lane rhythm game with some slide mechanics that cause you to slide your phone across the table if you aren’t careful.

I tried getting into FE:H when it came out, but I’ve had a really hard time sticking with it. Gameplay is a lot of fun, but I find the rng for pulls really iffy. I’ve only pulled three 5* and they’ve all been Camilla, though the first one I specifically was rerolling for. Really enjoy being able to see unit colors when pulling, being able to back out and cut your losses when gunning for a specific unit is nice.


The only one I play is Kingdom Hearts Union Cross (formerly Unchained X, still always KHUX) which feels like an abusive relationship. I haven’t put too much money into it but it’s more than I should have for sure. Been avoiding FE:H because I feel like two at once is maybe too far.


Granblue Fantasy has captured me in a way no other gacha has, probably due to the production value and sheet amount of fully voiced story content, but also it’s just a damn good game


I played FF Record Keeper for a good 10 months or so. I think thats a bad game. I had every character, maybe 7 or 8 of them at level 80 (was the level cap at the time, not sure if it still is), another dozen or so at 65 (previous level cap) and another 2 dozen or so at or near 50(level cap before that). Ultimately I stopped because of load times. I had like 7 pages of units, 6 pages of weapons, 4 pages of armour and 2 to 3 pages per ability type, with a load time like it’s refreshing a web page each time you scroll to a new page. It’d take like 20 minutes to figure out which units, equipment and abilities I’d need for a fight before eventually auto-battling a 3 minute fight. Not worth the time.

I’m into FE Heroes now. Got maybe 15 level 40s but still have some big holes in my lineup. Just got a Hector today, so that’ll be good. I’m a bit flush with 5 star axes though and barren with mages of all colours. I’m surprised how much I like the game, given how much I didn’t like FE Awakening.


Hello, I live in the hell that is Puzzle and Dragons. Probably don’t play Puzzle and Dragons.


I have a Love Live: School Idol Festival problem. Yet somehow, I have never spent a single cent on it.

Does anyone else play Love Live?

Nico best girl.


I’m very much in the FE:H camp these days. I love it because the production values are usually very good. KH:UX was my jam for months but I fell off of it. Granblue Fantasy is probably the best looking game in the genre but I never found a good way to play it on the go.


Been playing since EN launch. I played for 2 years before spending any money on it (~$100 or so, total). I’m happy with where my teams are at, so I only play the new master difficulty songs now.

Don’t really have a best girl, but my initial rare was Nozomi.


Rad! I used to play both JP and EN, but quit EN after that hell update that ruined the timing, so now I only play JP.

I keep playing off and on, taking breaks of a few months and then going ham for a few months, so I’m only in the low rank 100s and I can only clear some 10 songs. :expressionless:

What’s your favorite song?


I can’t stop playing :’(
Aquors has rly grown on me mostly due to Mari being Great


The two I’ve been playing most in recent months are FE Heroes and Fate/Grand Order. Among the ones I’ve played, the latter is easily the best, so I’m curious how it’ll go over in the west, especially since new players won’t go through the growing pains of the game’s early days.


I began playing on EN back in 2015, but I feel like ever since Aqours came out, I’ve gotten in even deeper. My EN account is still my main, but I have a dedicated Aqours-only JP account that’s getting pretty strong.

Umi’s my best girl for Muse, Riko or You for Aqours.


AAAHH, I remember that update! Almost made me quit for good. I used to be jealous of the JP features, but they’ve closed the gap somewhat.

I really dig the retro lily white songs, namely Aki no Anata no Sora Toku. But there are a lot of songs with fun beatmaps what I wouldn’t listen to outside of the game.


LLSIF is one of the few Gacha games that is actually fun for me moment to moment, but I find myself unable to play in moderation. Feel like I’m wasting opportunities if I don’t spend all my stamina or whatever it’s called, and that actually takes quite a bit of playing.

P.S. Maki <3


I just tried it out the other day.

What’s so appealing about it? I really love the art-style (it reminds me of early 00’s internet aesthetics) but I’m not hooked on it, yet.


i think i get my log-in bonus for 1100 consecutive days in puzzle and dragons this week lmao
i barely play anymore but i have enough good shit that when they put out a new hard dungeon i can usually beat it! just bought that dark athena, its been funny watching power creep go over several orders of magnitude in a couple years


Granblue is great. Started playing it for Japanese practice and now I’m still playing every day 18 months later. Unfortunately I apparently have the worst gacha luck known to man, so all I can do is save all my rolls for a spark–hopefully in time for summer Zooey to come back again.


The only one that really grabbed me was Love Live. I like rhythm games and was already familiar with the characters. The game has a bunch of new stories that kept me grinding through it to see, I just really wanted more of the characters beyond the anime!

I’ve bounced off of all the others I’ve tried really quickly. Granblue, IM@S CG, FE Heroes, Kingdom Hearts, and FFRK were all ones I really did try to get into but just couldn’t.