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I’m still playing Fire Emblem, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll last with it. I got some lucky pulls early, so I’ve always had a solid team for Arena, but only recently have I been able to start clearing the Lunatic Challenge maps.

I used to be way into Love Live, but uninstalled it to take a break and make space on my tiny phone hard drive. I tried reinstalling recently but found that my save data wasn’t linked to my Google Play account any more for some reason, and I have no interest in levelling up to unlock all the songs again.


yo what up fam

My phone has Granblue and probably Super Sentai Legend Wars permanently installed, and i rotate in at least one or two others regularly (currently Ensemble Stars and School Idol Festival)


I have a problem with gacha games.

I’m so deep, so deep on DBZ Dokkan Battle it’s unreasonable. I daren’t think about how much money i’ve spent on that ok game. Just gotta get that Broly.

Battle Cats is weird and fun but extortionate. At least Dokkan Battle is fairly generous with giving out premium currency. but… look at this guy…


Granblue recently gave out 5(?) free 10 rolls for a Golden Week celebration and I think I got like 1 new SR character out of it.

My protest is probably going to end up being paying $30 for a surprise ticket. Help.


I got a new phone recently that allowed me to plunge into gacha. I started Brave Exvius, and since the NieR:A banner started I figured I would reroll until I get 2B or A2, but 3 days of rerolling got me absolutely nowhere. I got into gacha hell before even playing a gacha game, so now I’m just playing the game leisurely while still hoping that I get lucky at some point to get one of those two characters.

My friend got 2 2B rainbows with no more than 20 pulls :sob:


i have fe:heroes but i only really play it for the story - a weird thing to say about a gacha game, i know. i just spent all my orbs rolling innes because i was bored. i don’t even know who he is? cool outfit though

my main gacha game is fate/grand order. i started playing when the english version launched and i’m having a lot of fun! my luck with the gacha has been pretty good so far? only got one five star servant but he’s a limited SSR and i’ve got a lot of good four stars without spending any money. which is a relief because FGO’s gacha is notoriously merciless. though character rank matters less in this game than others i hear, you can play through the game with a team of one stars if you really want to.

i’m really jealous of people playing the JP version though, the events happening there seem really fun! i don’t mind that much that things are still kinda slow on the EN server though since i’ve been busy and i’d hate not having the time to devote to big events. & the moon festival event that came out today is hilarious so far

i’m interested in granblue but i don’t know japanese and i feel like two big story-heavy gacha games at once would be Too Much


“So Captain”, you ask. “What gatcha games do you play?”

Well, I play 3 gatcha games regularly, but aside from Fire Emblem they’re porn games, so I probably can’t talk about them here.

“Oh, uh, that’s, neat”, you reply. “Can you at least say which one is your favourite?”

Oh easy, but it’s one of the porn games. Both games are fundamentally well designed in so many ways, leagues above Fire Emblem. But I can’t talk about them.

Fire Emblem’s alright though. Definitely the best Fire Emblem game by miles


For those who might not know…
The chances of getting a 4 star Servant? 3%.
Getting a 5 star Servant? 1%.
And when it says you have a higher chance for a particular Servant? It just means you have a higher chance of getting them if you happen to get a Servant of that rarity.
It’s brutal.


yeah lmfao it’s wild, i still don’t know how i managed to get both gilgamesh and nero so easily from their respective events and having this much luck with the gacha so far is giving me a primal fear that i will never have any luck ever again. which. isn’t how probability works but you know

it’s nice that even 1-3 star servants can have a lot of value in battle though so even if you somehow never get any 4 or 5 stars you can do pretty well for yourself with some trained up low rank servants. cu chulainn for example is a pretty common 3 star but he’s an absolute cockroach and he doesn’t feel at all out of place among my 4 and 5 star servants


I’ve been holding off on really getting into F/GO until they update the game with the new translation of the opening/Fuyuki but I have been logging in daily just to get the bonuses and do gacha stuff. I’ve gotten a pretty good amount of 4 star servants but no 5 star yet. Thankfully they did that one bonus thing where you could just straight up choose the 4 star you wanted, got Heracles from that. Seems like he’s supposed to be one of the very best available right now.


Fair warning, you need to invest in Herc and max out his bond for the CE. Then he’s pretty much the best, most broken unit in the game.

I’m still logging in to F/GO daily (or trying to, but uhhhh, I’ve messed up like two login streaks already), but the gameplay + grind is wearing me out after two events. Also the second five-star I got was a duplicate, which… sure, I got to upgrade the NP of a unit, but ugh.

Apparently it gets more satisfying mechanically like a year in or something, but that’s a ways off.

It’s a huge contrast to FE Heroes, which I just picked up. There’s not much going on with each individual character (in terms of built-in story and trivia), but it’s much more mechanically interesting.



It’s Anniversary time in Granblue and I know a bunch of people are getting in to it, or back in to it in my case.

spoilers this is my second granblue account

Looks like I’ll probably be running fire or water with a dark team as a side project because I refuse to do the dark grind as a main grid again


welcome back gacha thread!!

i don’t play granblue myself (seems like a huge time investment & i already play too many time-consuming mobile games lol) but i know people who play it and i read the character pages sometimes. who are your favorite characters/who are you hoping to get?

fate/grand order update: my brother’s managed to roll like 8 SSRs and i’m dying. a lot of them were duplicates but still! i only have 2. i’m so mad


I was playing Pokemon Duel for a hot minute, before I got exhausted by the business model. Honestly, I love the mechanics but the game is heavily PvP focused, and I got to the point where I was just losing against to full teams of legendary and leveled-up mons. Also, they released content so fast and each new update added some overpowered mon that would dominate the meta, which stopped being fun pretty fast.

Is there such thing as an ethical gacha game? One with a business model that doesn’t make me feel like I need to wear a hazmat suit before clicking on the store? Neko Atsume is probably the closest I can think of, but I’m not quite sure if that counts.


I’ve only recently upgraded to a phone that actually runs games, and I’m convinced that Tokyo Afterschool Summoners decided to release their (in-progress) English translation to celebrate. I have yet to pull the slot machine lever so I probably don’t have much business posting in this thread, but it’s just so nice to play a game that openly encourages me to be my queer furry self.


Still going strong in Fire Emblem: Heroes. Got two Zelgius’ with 115 orbs in this month’s Legendary Hero 8% focus. I’m free-to-play in this game, so I take what characters I can get most of the time. Still I have a solid roster of 5* units and enjoy developing their builds and levelling new characters.

I log into Terra Battle 2 once a week or so. The game is really nowhere near as good as the first, but I still enjoy it. Just wish the game didn’t require so much grinding to get the materials you need to unlock different classes for each character.

I’ve been about 4 months sober off of Marvel Puzzle Quest. Speaking of grinds… that game required you to play hours each day to progress after a while. Now I love me some Puzzle Quest, but not THAT much.

Hearthstone’s last expansion hasn’t really offered me a meta I really want to invest in. And the game needs more investment than ever. Blizzard has released 100 more cards than the previous year for the last 3 years, so it’s getting harder and harder to keep up as a free-to-play player. It’ll help when sets rotate out with the next expansion, but I don’t think it’ll ever get the hooks back in me like they were two, three years ago.


I too am going still going Strong in Fire Emblem Heroes and managed to pull a Fallen Robin! I spent some iTunes gift card money at the start because I didn’t know what else I would use them for but have otherwise been free-to-play. Some aspects of the game I find boring–Tempest Trials can become such a friggin’ slog–and I wish it was ever so slightly easier to amass feathers but on a whole I like the game and find it’s an easy enough thing to commit some time to every day.


Hi sory, nerco-posting instead of creating a new thread on the same subject.

I dropped out of Fire Emblem Heroes a few months ago. There was getting to be too many superflous stuff and I was feeling an obnoxious obligation to jump through a lot of hoops to collect resources.

Quitting it was all well and good but, recently, I have been missinng have a pretty mindless gacha game to check in on when I have idle time during the day. Tried to pick up Heroes again but didn’t click with it; similarly took a crack at the new Shin Megami Tensei game but that felt like it had way too much going on (and I generally love the series).

Is there anyhing folks would recommend if I want some sort of basic game? Turn based, simple combat, etc.


Pokemon Quest is more “auto-battles” than turn-based, but it’s very simple and chill. Good if you just want something to fill a few minutes of spare time each day.


Thanks for the recommendation. I had given it a shot on the Switch and was a little bored, but maybe it’ll click better on a phone.