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Granblue’s been giving out free 10 rolls every day for their summer campaign and I think I used up my luck for the rest of the year by pulling summer Rosetta and summer Ilsa off of freebies.


Saw this thread got brought back up so I thought I’d chip in with the fact that I playing Puzzle and Dragons every single day for two and a half years. I had the companion app with dungeon and stamina timers, I was all over the subreddit every day, I downloaded the English and Japanese version of the game, and I actually got pretty good at the puzzling too (especially considering I was on an iPhone 4). In the end, I broke up with the game because it had definitely become an addiction that even affected time with my bf. That and when I closed my eyes after playing for a while, I just would see the puzzle board and moving orbs. However, I only ever spent maybe $20 on the game, so I didn’t really fall trap to that. I strategically pulled around the special events specifically for gods I wanted and didn’t pull during the collab events. I ended up having a bunch of healers because I’m gay and of course. I occasionally think about getting back into it, but I know my time, relationships, and mental health would probably suffer. Lesson kind of learned.


Ok, I’ve never ever played one of these. Which one should I check out? Granblue looks beautiful, but is it only in Japanese?


Pick one where the theme and gameplay appeal to you. If you watch DBZ, Fate, or Bleach, they all have gacha games. If you like Marvel, play Marvel Strike Heroes. If you like puzzle games, try Puzzle and Dragons. If you like idols and rhythm games, check out Love Live. There’s also lots of gacha games based on non-gacha video game series, like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, and Shin Megami Tensei.

Granblue has an English option in-game.


The only real gacha style games I ever really played were dipping my toe into Fire Emblem and some Adventure Time Puzzle Quest. Even in physical goods, I’ve practically never had the itch to collect things, so gacha has never managed to hook me in, and I’ve never spent any money on either of those games. I can very easily see how someone could get sunk into them, I’m just extremely grateful that this sort of compulsion doesn’t exist in me.

I will say though, I started watching Cruncyroll lately and they have an ad for the FGO summer event and… wow. An earthquake hitting a jello convention would have less jiggle.


Bumping this thread rather than creating a new one following the bonus podcast of Natalie and Austin talking (mech) gacha games. So… does anyone have any good recommendations for a mech based gacha? Austin mentioned and then quickly blew off a Gundam one which seemed a little out of character for him, to me. I having a hard time finding any real info on the game online and there seems to be no real community for it.

Edit: turns out the game is not available in the US or at least not on iPhones.


I would be stupidly interested in a Gundam gacha game because I hate myself.

I played Legendary for like 7 months. The game was stupid and predatory, but I found a really cool clan. I miss them.


I play Azur Lane most every day and while, yes, it is grindy and the art can be a little over the top sometimes, it is exceedingly fair as far as gacha games go.

For one, you can’t draw ships with premium currency (it’s all based on wisdom cubes, which you get plenty of) and there are a ton of good ships that aren’t super rare. You get free skins through events as well.


I’ve been playing Dragalia semi-actively for the last 3 months. I bought a $40 special bundle recently that came with a one guaranteed spin of a 5-star character, hoping to get the banner dude. I wouldn’t have even minded any of the other seven 5*s I didn’t have.

It gave me a dupe of one I already had, which is worth about 1/8th of the cost to upgrade a 4* to 5. Gacha games are cruel.


I’ve been playing Dragalia Lost too! It was, surprisingly, one of my favorite games that launched last year. It’s perfect podcast-listening fodder.

Going upthread a bit, I spent a couple of years playing Love Live but I don’t really anymore—once I fell off, it was too difficult for me to get back in. (I’m never going to make enough room in my inventory for all of this nonsense! I don’t know what these new event types are!) I played FE Heroes for a while back when that launched, but now I’m in the same boat there—it feels like the game has moved on too far without me and I don’t think I could find my way back in. I’ll still poke my head in and collect login bonuses when I remember, though.

I also got into the Bang Dream game this year, which is basically…the same sort of thing as the Love Live game, but with a bit less of that busy work overhead and a bit more polish. I don’t have as much affinity for the franchise as I do Love Live, but I think I prefer the game itself.


I like Dragalia Lost, but rolling can be so infuriating. I like Granblue a lot as well. But only played it on my browser. I thought of all the gatchas it was really fair. I got a lot of characters and they were all really well designed. And I didn’t feel pressure to spend.


Apparently there are now over 500(!!!) story mission orbs to collect, new players get to pick a CYL1 AND CYL2 5* plus Fjorm and Eir. That’s pretty generous - I’m a Day 1 F2P and I really don’t have many viable units whilst all the newbies get thrm for free.


The weird thing about these is how vestigial the stamina system feels, considering a game like DL constantly dumps refills on you. I have to wonder how few people use the premium currency for stamina refills in these games.

Also, going back to this post:

TAS feels like it came from an alternate world where male eroticism was the norm in games media. It’s rad for that reason alone, despite the low budget feel of the game.


hell yeah!!! hell yeah!!! i have been sooo pleasantly surprised by how good bang dream is after i quit playing love live due to just total dissatisfaction in the rhythm game part of it. bang dream feels so tight and is demanding as hell on higher difficulties in a way that i can totally get behind. i’m definitely keeping an eye on anything Craft Egg works on after this


Yeah, it’s really solid! I even got used to the flick notes, eventually :laughing: I like that I only have to play for a couple of hours over the course of an entire event to grab the reward card, and that I can keep playing without stamina if I want. It feels almost laid back compared to SIF!


Yes! The variety of artists being given the freedom to design whatever body types appeal to them gives it a really genuine approach to sexuality and attractiveness that a lot of queer-themed games (even a lot of really good ones!) lack due to narrower design principles. It’s so cool. It has a ton of issues, but it’s also a game I play every single day in a genre where I bounced off everything else, so. :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


I ended up being the most foolish person and choosing Love Nikki Dress UP Queen to get into as my gacha of choice, so instead of possibly putting real money and time into getting .pngs of anime girls, I get pngs of clothes to put on one anime girl to make her look like other anime girls. It’s pretty lax, mostly b/c i usually don’t want any of the full suits enough to spend money, but it’s got some troubling-ass issues when it comes to race and cultural appropriation.

I’ve been thinking about getting into a #real gacha and b/c i have no real attatchement to Fate, Granblue or Fire Emblem, I took a look at Food Fantasy, and lo an behold it’s published by Elex, the same ppl who do Love Nikki. Kinda hoping the translation on this one is better tbh…


Yeah, the color makeup stuff is gnarly, and when I was playing it the points at which it was trying to route you into paying money to continue the story stuff were super obvious in a gross way.


I’ve played a LOT of these over the years, including Love Nikki and Bang Dream, but the one I’ve stuck with most recently is RWBY: Amity Arena. It’s… kinda weird because it’s presented as if you’re a person in the world of RWBY playing a game that features other people in your world. The tutorial features Yang and Ruby arguing over which one of them is stronger in the game, for example.

It’s a pretty blatant clash of clans clone, but the devs are treating it as their baby instead of a cheap and fast cash grab, which is nice. It helps that I already love the characters and art, and the game is very faithful in that regard.