Gacha the Wild: A Genshin Impact Thread

Have y’all been playing this Genshin Impact? Because I have and I think it’s great so far!

I generally don’t go into gacha games with high expectations, and yet this one is scratching that playful exploration itch I’ve always had after making my way through BotW and Dragon’s Dogma. It took a bit of getting used to, but once I had a handle on how the game played, I ended up spending the past two nights totally enraptured with the act of walking around/climbing cliffsides/gliding across hills and just getting lost in the world Genshin Impact presents.

But what do you all think so far? Have you also gotten lost in Mondstadt? Have you gotten any good character pulls? Is Paimon, in fact, emergency food?


The second I was given the option to open the settings menu after hearing Paimon speak I turned voice dialogue all the way down to zero.

But he is still audible during some ambient quest dialogue.

After spending some 500 hours on another gacha, even with all this game’s bells and whistles, it still has that “fake video game” feeling that all gachas have. You’ll probably start to notice it after a while.

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I changed the voiced language to Chinese, and it made a world of difference. The English dub is just too cloying for me considering how much you hear Paimon.

I know the feeling you mean, but so far I haven’t gotten that. I guess for me, the gacha mechanics feel so much more secondary to the core experience here compared to all the other gacha games I’ve put time into. Whereas others provide an enjoyment that comes largely from the possibility of getting good characters at random, the foundation of Genshin feels so solid and enjoyable for my tastes that it could have just had the four starters be the only characters you’ll ever get and I’d have been more than happy to keep playing.

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I’m with @ligeti

For one, we gotta expand what the idea of a fake game feel is because we already have enough capital G gamers claiming anything without action isn’t a real video game. The “fake” feel of gachas is from how they chip away at what appears to be standard gameplay loops in other games and gate keep it with loot based mechanics.

The late late, LATE game of genshin might have this loop, but you could very easily play this as a standard single player rpg and literally have no issue with it. The combat felt button mash centric at first but when the enemy difficulty spikes up and you start to do the challenges you find that you have to come at it strategically to combo elements together in fun ways. I do wish the basic attack functions had more depth for melee users but ranged types also get to aim for weak points on an enemy. While BotW got away with this, it was because items degraded and added weight to every decision to fight. BotW did have shortcomings as a result to durability though.

All in all it’s a fun experience and a beautiful game that, because it’s a gacha game, makes me wary to see exactly how the loot mechanics play out. But as it stands you can grind out enough free currency and get gifted some more and get more than 4 characters pretty easily. If i have to wait 50+ hours to find something sus about it then at some point it’s a just a good game for a free experience


This game really nails so much of what made BotW work, I pushed out into a new large area today and it’s wild(hue) how much it felt like I was playing breath of the wild again. It’s just a little Gameier in that it isn’t designed with pacifism in mind, you’re gonna be getting into fights. And it actually transposes the feeling of botw’s cool environmental interactions SUPER well into the combat with it’s elemental reactions system, large fights can turn into amazingly chaotic messes of chain reactions.

Honestly if you never touched the gatcha stuff in this game I reckon it’d still be a really good time, possibly even a pretty amazing one. The free characters are more than enough to solve any of the stuff you pass by while exploring. That’s not a defence of the gatcha though, because a gatcha mechanic that feels perfunctory and unnececery to enjoy the game isn’t working well, and one that feels neccecery is making a game worse, but of those two options this is the one that leaves an actually enjoyable game.

I wish we had an industry healthy enough that this game could just have been a singleplayer RPG, if it was I reckon it’d be in the running for some GotY awards.


More like… Breath of the Waifu, am I right?

I’m honestly having a pretty great time so far, though I guess I’m still in the prologue (around adventure level 10). The combat is decent so far, and I don’t feel disadvantaged because I don’t have a 5 star SSR person to play as. As with all gacha, I’m sure that stuff will become slowly more apparent but if I just got what I have now for a bit for free? That’s fine by me. Compared to, say, Fate: Grand Order (which I’ve been playing for about 6 months or so), the gameplay keeps me coming back much more than the grind, gacha, or story (the gameplay of FGO is pretty just… ok IMO the writing, fan service for fans of the franchise, and art is what makes that game worth playing for me).

Gacha aside, I’m really digging the world, and taking cues from BOTW is something more games, especially those in JRPG-ish (I know the game is Chinese so… ERPG? the genre is dumb anyways) vein should probably experiment with. Climbing and gliding around town simply feels so much better to me than awkwardly sliding around what is for-all-intents-and-purposes little more than backgrounds in stuff like the recent Tales games I’ve played. In addition, it really gets what korok seeds did to make BOTW fun to just walk around with it’s little environmental puzzles and collectibles. I hope this encourages some long-standing staler franchises in the space to mess around a bit more.

Oh yeah, my best pull so far is Xiangling. Her spear attacks are super strong as she zips around encounters and her fire-breathing panda is just pefect.

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The number of “whoops how did this spyware get in there” accounts keep piling up and I don’t think i’m going to reinstall to give it another shot like I had been planning this morning.

This time it’s the game searching your clipboard contents on load.

Real tinfoil hat hours: I’d bet five bucks the game has a desire sensor and is trying to parse through what you type into other programs.

Actual reason is probably an overzealous anti-cheat setup.

Pretty sure that’s not something you can collect via small text in a EULA in the EU. They could be in some actual trouble.

Got my first 5-star character!

I think from my sixth 10-wish pull. While I was hoping for one of the banner characters, Mona fits in perfectly with my current party comp (Geo Traveler, Chongyun, Xiangling). I had Barbara beforehand, and she’s great for setting up Hydro reactions, but her damage and utility felt limited (especially since healing can be just as easily accomplished by opening up the food tab in your inventory) – so having a water mage with more damage and crowd control should be a lot of fun

ive been enjoyed a lot of my time with this game. i never played botw, so the comparisons seem valid but i don’t really mind, and just wandering around the world is really calm and nice.

but also, and i feel like kinda a killjoy bringing this up, good lord, the way this game characterizes the hilichurl (the sorta bokoblin analog, common overworld enemy) fuckin sucks. i know that a lot of fantasy media relies on (cw racist slur) savage tropes in ways that suck, and this is by no means problem unique to Genshin Impact. but its really not good and is, like, way specific and prominent than i would have expected? i dunno, its a bummer in a game i otherwise like a lot about.


man, i didn’t realise this was by mihoyo, and I might have to try it out now because I’ve been follow the honkai impact 3rd tie-in manga for a bit and it’s honestly pretty interesting, as far as gacha comics go? It’s got some decent anime lesbians in it as well (and I absolutely only read it because it was tagged “yuri”)

I’m liking the game quite a bit as a sort of mindless hit stuff numbers go up brr game, the characters have fun abilities for the most part and I like a lot of the designs.

I do wish the combat and movement flowed better though (why is there no momentum coming out of a glide?), it lacks that extra bit of polish that make character switching and this kind of combat flow well.
Crucially there isn’t really a built in dodge/block/parry, mid-air attacks are absent, and there’s no air juggling either; also while you technically can swap characters you have to use the d-pad and there are no transitional swap-attacks to make that swap flow inside active combat. The main attack combos feel like lack a swing or two as well, but that’s not as important.

Hearing that it opens up more post the prologue and that the environment changes drastically has me excited, just about to get there, as long as I break out of my usual rut of having to explore every nook and cranny before moving on…

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I’m a bit sad that doesn’t have an invert mouse option because my brain refuses to aim correctly and it looks interesting. It’s a weird overlook that I found in a few games recently.

i got three 4-star people on my first draw with the free beginner crystals and all three use claymores lmao. Even so they all feel distinct enough to actually play as that i’m satisfied with my party composition, though not as much as if i had someone with a different weapon. i like my lightning pirate lady and the guaranteed maid but the star is my icy little exorcist boy who keeps explaining how it’s actually important to his powers that he be allowed to eat ice cream for every meal.

The feel of this (on PS4) is pretty bad. The combat might be a little slow by design but half the time it feels like my button presses does nothing. Pick-ups are super slow as well, and I can’t tell if that is intentional or not. I can run up to a sparkly thing and it will take more than a second for the prompt to show up.


On PS4 it feels like a combination of latency plus the PS4’s general inability to run games well. Along with the lack of cross-play for that version I kinda wish I had a better PC.


It’s not a dodge exactly but the dash is pretty useful to back off and then jump back in. Plus it cancels animations so you can use it to get out of moves with a slow recovery. I’ve been dashing at the end of every combo or skill and it helps speed things up a little.

Is the dash not a dodge? I’d been using it as one a lot, i’m pretty sure there are even invulnerability frames.