Game Breaking Bugs (Prey Spoilers)

Hello everybody. I was playing Prey and I was going to finish the ‘Shipping and Receiving’ mission by opening Cargo Bay B and killing all of the Typhons in Cargo Bay B. I went through the cargo bay and killed all of the typhons, but the objective was not clearing. The game was telling me that I had not killed all of the enemies, even though it seemed like I did. So I load to the only save that I kept that was before I opened the cargo bay doors. I go through all the rooms and kill every enemy I see. But I notice that I hear an enemy making noise, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. The objective is still not completed.

I load my save again and go through the motions. I kill all the enemies that I can see but the objective is not going away. I hear the typhon but I can’t see them. I figure that maybe I can use a recycler charge, basically a grenade that creates a small black hole that sucks in things and breaks them into crafting parts that you use in the game, to kill this alien and finish the objective. I quick save it before because I knew that I would probably get sucked in by accident, and I did. But after throwing a few recycler charges around the area where I could hear the alien to no avail, I realized that I would probably have to start the game over completely.

After trying various other grenades, leaving the cargo bay and going back in (in order to see if reloading the level would help any), and going to an even older auto save to see if that would help, I realized that I would have to start the game over. I went into the ‘Load Game’ option and deleted all of my saves. After that, I left the game. I could not muster the enthusiasm to even launch the game on steam until several days after I wiped everything that I had done in the 22 hours previous. I have started a new game, but it has been pretty hard for me to maintain an interest in playing the game again. Has anyone else had their interest and enthusiasm crushed in a video game due to a technical issue?

Just wanted to update that when I got into Cargo Bay on my second play through I heard the same noise in the same area. I am at this moment re-downloading Prey on Steam to see if reinstalling the game will fix the issue. I hope it will.

I don’t even play Prey, but it’s a pretty good policy to do some basic googling before you do something drastic like reinstalling/starting over:

I bought the game on steam after Thanksgiving because it was on sale, so I was playing on the 1.05 patch, which came out in August. I think I am done with the game because I reinstalled it and still heard that monster in the same area. I don’t want to invest time to get to that objective and not be able to complete it. Which sucks because I was really enjoying the game up to that point.

Unfortunately, I did not have a previous save to go back to that point. But I started the game over and got into the Cargo Bay in a different way (you can access levels in Prey in several ways) and still heard that enemy in the same place where I heard it on my previous play through. It is stuck in the geometry somewhere that I can’t get to and kill. I also did search the internet to see if I could fix this issue.

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