Game Designers/Developers General Thread- All Skill Levels!

Hi folks! I just wanted to make a thread so people can talk about stuff they’re working on or ask/answer questions about development.

  • Making a cool thing in your spare time?

  • Need Unity help? (God knows I do.)

  • Making a cool thing in your spare time?

  • Need to commiserate about something?

  • Maybe you saw a really cool talk or technique and want to geek out over it?

  • Maybe sometime we can do a Waypoint game jam, similar to the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam!

I just wanted a general catch-all for development topics, whether you’re a student, a hobbyist, an independent, or AAA, or anywhere in between.


hello! i’m dante. i’m currently poking away at this thing that i’m calling microvania. it started as a ludum dare thing but i didn’t finish it in time so now it’s just a personal project (of which i already have too many, but this one seems finishable).

the tl;dr is that it’s a v small metroidvanialike all played on one screen.

this is the ‘whole gameworld’ right now.

here’s a gif on twitter of what the first quarter looks like (roughly).

things it’s got:
three (3!!) types of enemies

also sidebar but if there is interest in a Waypoint game jam, I’d love to help! I love organizing stuff like that


That looks extremely cool! I love keys and doors and warps. I’m about a week away from graduating (finally) with a degree in game design and programming. The team I’m leading for our capstone project is making a narrative driving game called Pulaski County, set in vague 1980s Twin Peaks-y Appalachia! Here’s a gif of it.


whoa! that is very very very much my shit. I’ll keep an eye out for it!

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Thanks! Once it’s done, I’ll post the page here for sure. I’ll keep an eye out for your game, too!

thanks! i added a link to my itch page in my original post too, totally forgot that first time through

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When I have time away from studio work I’ve been messing around with 3D in gamemaker studio, mostly to see how far i can push it before the program gets mad and uninstalls itself from my computer :anguished: made a lot of prototypes this year that didn’t go anywhere, but ended up w a lot of cool tech anyway

the process has resulted in this, my most Special Egg: BEAT GOES ON

The full “game” isn’t really there yet i think… so far it’s an open-map action game with an “open magic” system (combine 3 values of R, G, or B to get a unique spell), passive rhythm-game elements, and a simple “click to go to place” worldmap with a ton of small sub-maps. Like. daggerfall-meets-quest64-meets-soulsgame??? kinda winging it tbh


It sounds cool! 3D gamemaker stuff is totally bonkers and I love messing with it.

I love this! I super want to make a ‘daggerfall-like’ at some point

I’m not sure if this fits the OP’s intent for this thread and I’m sorry if not but if you’re in the Bay Area and have some time during the first two weekends of May, the Extra Life guild out here is helping sponsor some development events. It’s designed around building teams out of experienced developers and newbies (like, ‘I barely know how to use a computer and I’ve played one video game in my life’ level of new is still welcome) and the goal is to make games to be played by local children’s hospitals.

If you’re in the area and that sounds fun, let me know!


Hi all! I’m a professional mobile game developer by day and a starry-eyed indie dev by night! When I’m not working on my long time hobby project dream game, I try and put together tutorial videos teaching shaders in Unity.

Here’s my YouTube channel if you care to peruse: Makin’ Stuff Look Good in Video Games

I spend a decent amount of time answering questions and helping strangers with anything shader or Unity related when I can. Mostly because it’s easy to justify my procrastination because it’s some what helpful to the gamdev community :stuck_out_tongue: So don’t hesitate to poke me if you’ve got a question you think I might be able to answer!

And then I may ask you to do some playtesting to return the favor some day in the future (if I ever get a playtest-able prototype cobbled together) :smiley:


In the spirit of all skill levels, the only time I’ve managed to complete a proper game was as an assignment for my college computer science course. I took on way too much had to cut my scope immensely and ended up frantically coding together an ending in the back of the computer lab while the other groups were presenting their games which in turn introduced a game breaking bug that I didn’t know about until it went live. So on reflection, I think the assignment did an excellent job of teaching me about game development.


This thread’s for whatever! I don’t live in the Bay area but that sounds like a terrific time and people should go to it!

I’ve come across your stuff before! Now I’ve subscribed!

That sounds about right!

I started making games in high school on my TI-82 calculator in BASIC. I started making fangames on my PC, even (sort of) got on TV for one, once.

Nowadays I’m working on a stealth comedy game called OverBite. I made it for a Halloween Game Jam in 2016 and promised to flesh it out in to a full game this year if it got through Steam Greenlight, which it did. Unfortunately, I’m now moving two states to Nevada because our rent here in Colorado suddenly doubled, so the time I’ve had to work on OverBite in the last two months has dropped to almost zero.

Anyway, here’s a trailer for OverBite’s game jam version:

It’s being made in Clickteam Fusion, and I’d be surprised if anyone here knows what that is. There was a time many years ago when the software (then called Multimedia Fusion or The Games Factory) was neck-and-neck with GameMaker, but at some point GM pulled ahead and now that’s “the one” everyone knows.

Clickteam Fusion has tons of its own quirks but I’ve been using it exclusively since I jumped ship from the TI-82 in, like, 1999. I’ve wanted to try learning Unity, but I am so deeply entrenched in CTF’s quirks that it would basically be like learning how to make games again from scratch.

Maybe once I’m done with the Steam version of OverBite…

I make games in my spare time with a friend. The last thing we made that anyone played was this little exploration game with Choose Your Own Adventure elements called The Wager, but that was some years ago.

We’re busy finishing up our next game and we’re soooo close now. It’s called Fix Fix Bang Bang and it’s a split screen co-op game where the left hand player has to fly a spaceship in a vertically scrolling sort of arrangement while the right hand player is hopping from console to console trying to keep everything running smoothly on the ship so that the pilot doesn’t lose guns, engines and sensors, and also gets a steady stream of powerups built.

Here’s a really old video from a few years back, but we’ve added and improved quite a lot of stuff since then.

It’s taken so long because we do this entirely in our spare time and a lot has happened for both of us in the past few years, and this is just one of various projects we’re involved in.

If I had one bit of advice for hobbyists devs, it’s that it doesn’t have to become your life. If making a game slowly is an option for you, then consider it - it doesn’t mean you’re less invested or you care less about how it comes out. :slight_smile:


I played around with RPG Maker and stuff a lot as a teen, but about a year ago I made a little arcade-style platformer thing in the free version of Construct 2, called Honeyblast.

I also made an RPG Maker Horror shitpost called Oh No! Ghosts. I’m not sure which game I’m more proud of.

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Hey all! I’m an artist / designer and have worked on Steam releases like indie god game Reus and emotion-based turn-based tactical RPG Renowned Explorers.

I’ve also participated in several global game jams where I last made social performance & deduction game Hidden Heathen and sad sad boat-game Anchorage (both playable in your browser).

Currently my day-job isn’t making games but I still work on tabletop RPG designs.
Last thing I did was type up a micro-drinking-game about being drunk adventurers telling tall tales; check it out at Tall Tales and Tankards.

Excited to see what you’re all up to :slight_smile:

I’m a AAA dev by day and I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve really wanted to play with Pico8. Like, there is just something really compelling dealing with such tight constraints. I just need to figure out what I want to make! :sweat_smile: