Game Developers Are Starting to Pull Their Games From Russia

CD Projekt RED, developer of The Witcher III and Cyberpunk 2077, announced today it will join a growing number of companies who will no longer sell its games in Russia and Belarus, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week. It will also prevent sale of any games to those regions on its own GOG storefront. The news came alongside horror developer Blooper Team announcing a similar measure. 

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I believe it’s Bloober team, not Blooper team.

There’s also been a small movement of Russian gamedevs pulling engine marketplace content from stores or making them free. (this video broke my heart a little. It’s been pulled now, but the the essence was that the dev was too afraid to say exactly why he was upset and why he could not longer pursue his dream of making games, but that if he couldn’t make games, he wanted someone to use what he’d build to be able to)

Some of the developers like Thing Trunk (Book of Demons developers) have announced that it would cost 10x, more or 6666 Rubles in Russia as a temporary measure to bring attention to the ongoing conflict.