Game Goals for 2022

Howdy friends! The time is upon us to reflect on our past year and look forward to hopefully a new year!

I want to make this thread to talk about game goals specifically (not your new year resolutions!)

My game goals for 2022

  • Play every mainline Dragon Quest I have played 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 11, but I’d like to go back since I haven’t played most of those in 10+ years and I want to know how they hold up and decide if DQ actually is my favorite game series

  • Guilty Gear Strive Daily I want to play this game daily. I have a friend from punk music who wants to go to Evo with me this year, and since I started 6 months late I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Catch me on the discord (I’m thiccnick with the Scott Benson rat pic)

These are simple, but I’m honestly so enthralled by Gear that I don’t want to play anything else, and I’ve just been into old school JRPGs. They just make me happy!


It’d be nice if 2022 is the year I finally, finally, finally, FINALLY beat Fallout New Vegas for the first time


I would like to acquire a Steam Deck and play some number of the indie games everybody loves that I miss out on.

I would also like to find one of those games that comes along every few years and really grabs me. I thought last year’s games were generally very good but I didn’t have a Hades or Spider-Man where I thought “Great googly moogly this is incredible.” I’d love to find one of those this year.


I did really well in completing a lot of the Final Fantasy series last year (VII Remake Intergrade, VII, IX, X, XV, XIII and XIII-2) but failed miserably at making any headway into the Soulsborne series so that’s my goal again.


I think it’s finally time for me to git gud.


This year I’ll finally play Dishonored 2. It’s only been on my to-do list for… the last 5 years… but this time for sure!


It’s not strictly a 2022 goal because I already started, but I want to finally play all the Yakuza/Judgement games. I’ve played 0-5 before, but I’m now on a replay that has me up to Yakuza 3 Remastered.

Besides that, I want to chip away at other Zelda games I either never played or haven’t replayed in a long time - I think Skyward Sword is next on the list, but I want to revisit the N64 games. Haven’t decided if I’ll try that on my 3DS or hope the Switch online service isn’t as janky as it sounds.

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There’s a few games I’d like to finally get to. Kentucky Route Zero is a big one. Echoes of the Eye as well. I’d like to finish a JRPG, because it’s been a really long time since I’ve played a non-Pokémon one. Need to finish Half-Life: Alyx and the couple of Oculus games I haven’t gotten to because I just never have the energy to really go into VR. And I want to finish the couple of Zelda games I have never played — Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Four Swords Adventures.

I also really enjoyed replaying some old favorites last year, and I’d like to do a bit more of that (and feel less like I have to keep up with a zeitgeist, which I started to feel better about in the early part of last year).

And lastly I’d like to play some more retro games — I’ve spent the last few years collecting a bunch of old consoles that I barely use, and I’d like to actually use them a bit. That should make for a nice, well-rounded 2022.


Spend less on new games and get back to game maker to try and make my own games!


I kind of have an anti-goal this year, which is to not buy any AAA games. Want to give more of my money to smaller developers, and more of my time by proxy. Try to get completely past the FOMO, and also if I do want to play a bigger game… I should probably just play one of the games I already own. :sweat_smile:


Keeping myself focused this year by merely pledging to do two things games-wise instead of aiming wide from the jump:

  • Start playing, finishing and generally getting better at arcade-style shooters (that aren’t Touhou games).

I really love shooters but the ratio to which I actually play them vs buy them, check them out for less than an hour and then walk away from them is shameful. In 2022, I’m aiming to change that! I’m not all too confident in my skills at the moment, but I’ve 1CC’d a Touhou game (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil) in the past so I’m certain I can do it in a few other games if I practice a bit!

Also, the stipulation at the end is just so I can force myself to explore other games in the genre! I’m especially looking forward to see what the state of indie shooters that I’m not already familiar with looks like!

  • Start streaming again and figure out some ways to make it fun and interesting!

I actually already on this one! I’ve decided to start out by streaming on the weekends, so I ran a couple of test streams and things mostly seem to be working on my end! There’re still a couple of technical things I need to work around (like not having a mic and my CPU being super old) but hopefully neither of those stop from the stuff I actually want to do once I get back in the swing of things. Wish me luck out there!


Big one is to not buy any games, the one caveat being that I’m subscribed to Gamepass and EA Play, so I’m really not spending $0 on games this year, but I want to focus on my backlog while also revisiting some older favorites.
Some of that is playing through the Zelda games I own. Last year was OG LOZ, A Link to The Past, and Ocarina of Time. So now I’m going to work on Majora’s Mask, Windwaker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Breath of the wild.

Beyond that I really want to take the time to explore out of the way indie or other obscure titles that may pop up on Gamepass or EA Play. Last year I played a lot of small indie games or other non-AAA titles, and I’m hoping this year I can capture some of that same elation I felt playing Sable, Unpacking, or Loop Hero by finding those out of the way gems.

Edit: Ooh, @blzzzrrttt I like the goal of spending more time with arcade style shooters. I always have a blast when playing them, but for whatever reason I tend to pass over them to play “bigger” games. Definitely a good goal to take more time with them.


A bunch of Monster Hunter streamers have said they’re planning to play with viewers frequently when Monster Hunter Rise comes out on PC in a couple weeks, so I am hoping to use that as an opportunity to get into that community. I like Monster Hunter a lot, but I haven’t really played with other people that much.

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. . . I think I may play Kingdom Hearts this year.
Gotta go through the backlog of course, so I think I’m gonna try and play through Gravity Rush 2 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake before the end of the month. After that, who knows.

Related to games, I’ll probably try to stream some stuff, see how that works out.


Every year, one of my goals is to go back and finish a couple of games I started a while back but dropped for some reason or another. I think this year those games will be Outer Wilds and Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.
Edit: oh shoot, thanks @Bloodarmz for reminding me, I totally gotta get back to FF7 Remake as well :sweat_smile: Gravity Rush 2 is also on my backlog, but that’ll be more of a bonus goal.

Outside of working on my backlog, I’m always striving to get better at rhythm games, and before the year is over, I want to be able to beat a level 19 song (the highest possible difficulty at the moment) in Dance Dance Revolution A20, and a level 15 song in Sound Voltex Exceed Gear.

And finally, a couple weeks ago, I checked out a beta for an upcoming fighting game DNF Duel and had a blast with it, and I’d like to pick it up and stick with it when it releases later this year.


My goal is not to spend $60 or $70 on games that I’ll barely touch again.


I want to get back to the two VNs I didn’t finish last year, Umineko When They Cry and the Great Ace Attorney duology. Both have been good, they were both just massive reads so I put them down to let them simmer for a bit. Since they were both released in parts originally I feel like this may be to their benefit, even.

I’m also going to 100% an Arknights event this year. I’ve skipped the bonus stages so far, but their time will come. Just need to polish my team a liiittle bit more *ends up never stopping*


I’ve always avoided horror anything, but this past year I played through three horror adventure games (Paratopic, Mundaun & Tokyo Dark) so I think I’ve gotten better at handling the way they make me feel. I’m not too familiar with the genre, but I think Amnesia: Machine for Pigs, Silent Hill, and Kitty Horrorshow’s games are going to be my starting place.

I also want to read more Interactive Fiction. I know some buzzwords (uh… Inkle, uh… Emily Short, uh… IF Database), but I’ve only gone through some of the Sorcery series and some Twine games. I don’t have a particular starting place in mind, so I’ll probably poke around the IF Database website like a flash game portal.


I looked back at a couple of threads from last year and I’ve only recently started to dig into two of the games I mentioned: Total War Three Kingdoms and Nobunaga’s Ambition. So I want to keep digging into those but there are three other gaming goals I have for the new year, which I’m hoping are specific enough that I actually make time for them:

Dominions 5 has been languishing in my steam library for way too long because I’m intimidated by what I’ve seen on YT but I want to finally try to figure it out.

I was verrryyy slowly playing Taikō Risshiden V (太閤立志伝 V) last year but I fell off and I want to get back to it. It’s in Japanese and it’s way above my level so this is a long ongoing project.

As for tabletop games, I want to make the jump from the intro Netrunner format Startup to the wider Standard card pool. I plan to do this after NISEI releases their next set since some rotation will happen and it seems like a good opportunity

  1. I’m taking a harder stance on game devs that choose to use NFTs, gatcha, or anything else I find morally reprehensible. No matter how good the game is, I’m not trying it and I’m not hand waving it away as something harmless.
    2022 is going to be a big push for the acceptance of NFTs and I refuse to ever participate in this scammy bullshit or to keep quiet about it.

  2. On a lighter note, going to try and beat Blasphemous again this year. This’ll be my third try and restarting from the beginning because the devs have added more (free!) content.