Game Goals for 2022

I think a realisation I had last year leads to a similar resolution/goal to sputnik - I’m going to make it official that I’m not going to have anything to do with games / game devs that do variously immoral things (including but not limited to sputnik’s list).
And yes, I realise that this probably rules out 90% of AAA stuff, but since I managed this year without playing anything AAA, I don’t think that’s a massive issue for me anyway.


Maybe a bit against the spirit of the thread but my goal this year is to try and play less games and focus a bit more on other hobbies like painting and reading. I played a lot of games this year to simply kill time without getting any real enjoyment from the game itself. There’s nothing wrong with playing a game just to play a game but I think I could be killing time in more meaningful ways I think. If I’m going to play a game I want to play the game because I’m getting enjoyment out of it.


I might be a little more lax about NFTs than other folks (if, say, EA adds NFTs to FIFA but also drops Titanfall 3 sans NFTs, I’m buying Titanfall 3) but I’m definitely not buying any game with NFTs in them.


Ever since elden rings release date got announced I’ve planned all my game playing around that. It’s been about what can I fit in before and then what do I want to do after. Which I a such a weird weird way of spending time with a hobby.

Right now I am playing games that I almost feel like I needed to play, and for reasons completely of my own. Like playing ratchet and clank a crack in time because I wanted to revisit games I played as a teen. Turns out I don’t love it and it’s going on way too long as it becomes pretty samey and I know the story isn’t good or anything.

So, maybe be more deliberate with what I pick up to play. Finally play elden ring, maybe that’ll release me from whatever odd planning thing I have going on.

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I need to explore more decklike roguebuilders this year. Having played inscryption, slay the spire, and griftlands for the first time in the past 2 months; I’ve come to realize I actually really like this genre and I’ll keep my ears open to any gems that Cado brings up during the pod.


For me I think it’s just keep looking out for indie titles that are doing the specific things I love. This isn’t different than what I’ve been doing the last couple years, but it turns out there’s a lot out there that can be easy to miss until someone points it out on Twitter. My Steam wishlist is filled with what I’m pretty hopeful are all going to be gems for me: Gloomwood, Skin Deep, Weird West, Fallen Aces, ULTRAKILL, Industria, Amid Evil, Nivalis, NORCO, Fortune’s Run, Selaco, Athanasia, illWill, Beyond Sunset, My Friendly Neighborhood. Like damn, there’s so much shit for me coming from smaller spaces and it’s totally fine by me if bigger budget games like Hitman 3 and Redfall are the exception to the rule in my 2022.

Oh yeah also: obtain and play a whole lotta Hitman 3. That’s the other goal.

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Since 2020 I’ve been playing almost exclusively backlog games and haven’t purchased anything that wasn’t on sale and I def want to stick to that.

In 2020 I had a really fun ‘research project’ of playing through the original Final Fantasy 7, a few other games in the series, and reading / watching documentaries about its development before playing the remake and this year I’m planning to do something similar with Dark Souls / soulslike games before Elden Ring comes out. My goal is to either find an approach or framing that brings me joy in playing this style of game, or to be able to articulate specifics on why it doesn’t work for me.

This brings me to my next goal, don’t be a completionist. This year especially I could feel myself pushing through a couple games I just want enjoying because I felt obligated to. From now on when I’m feeling this I want to 1) figure out where the friction is 2) see if there’s a work around to get me enjoying the game 3) in not, drop it and move on.

I also want to replay at least one game this year. I think it’ll be really fun and enlightening.

I also want to write more about the games I play this year, even if it’s just sitting in a google doc or something. I imagine I’m not alone in doing this thing of mentally composing entire forum posts and then just… never actual posting them or even writing them down. This year I want to at LEAST get to the point of writing them down somewhere, and hopefully also get comfortable with posting stuff even if I don’t think it’s perfectly written or what ever.

Finally there’s some really inspiring stuff in this thread I’ll be keeping in mind as well, especially around taking harder stances on companies and maaaaaaybe starting to stream?


I feel like this has happened naturally to me over the last 5 to 10 years. Certainly, I wouldn’t have been so happy dropping The Witcher 3, Inscryption and Pyre as quickly as I did a few years ago. (Which didn’t stop me writing posts about them here…)

I started that in 2021, in a more organised way. I’m using Jisho, which is an open-source note-taking/making application, but mostly because I’ve been using it for other things already [it has a great browser “snipping” plugin integration, for a start]. It was super useful also just for keeping a note on all the things I played this year, and how I felt about them over time.

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My goal for the year is just finishign up whatever game i start. I tend to leave 90% of the games in between and never complete them.