Game Maker's Toolkit Appreciation/Discussion Thread

So, I saw Game Maker’s Toolkit getting some love in the “cool videos” thread, but seeing as it is probably my favorite video series on video games, I thought it deserved a thread of its own. I’ll let Mark Brown’s Patreon page do most of the explaining:

[quote]Hi! My name’s Mark Brown, and I’m the creator of a YouTube series about game design, called Game Maker’s Toolkit.

In each episode I strive to reveal the hidden genius of my favourite games, demystify the design process, pass on the philosophies of the world’s best designers, or take a critical look at the most recent releases.

I’ve talked about how Mario’s stages are inspired by Chinese poetry, how Spelunky generates levels, how The Last Guardian tells a story through the language of games, how Shovel Knight nails nostalgia, and what Mirror’s Edge Catalyst should have learned from Burnout Paradise.

The videos are for both gamers looking to learn more about their favourite games, and new designers looking to find out more about how games use their design to challenge us, deliver experiences, and tell stories.

I’ve got endless ideas for new episodes - and I want you to help me make them.[/quote]
I find these videos incredibly insightful and interesting and wanted to introduce it to those who might not be familiar. This is the episode that got me hooked.

He also has a side series called Boss Keys that is exploring the design of dungeons in all the Legend of Zelda games.

I figured people could share and discuss their favorite videos here. The recent three part series on Dead Space was very good and explored the evolution of the series and how it had to conform to modern shooting troupes to try and sell more copies. If I introduce just one new person to this series I will consider this a success.


“Beyond the Beef” is my favorite quest in New Vegas, which is, like, my favorite game. So that got me hooked on his good videos. The level of editing and footage gathering involved in these is pretty staggering. Him and Joseph Anderson deserve props for that alone, but they also are pretty good at breaking down components of design, which is what fascinates me most about games.

I think “Dotted Little Line” is my fav video of his. I’m a huge fan of games (like Dishonored, Breath of the Wild, and, seemingly, Prey) that let you navigate the world based on what’s observable about the world rather than non-diegetic elements. Get rid of that HUD!

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His video on the music in Breath of the Wild is so good:

Mark recently hosted a Game Jam and here’s the video highlighting 20 or so of the best games. I really want to dive in and check out what this community created. There are a lot of neat ideas in here.

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I really love this video. The only thing that’s bugging me is I really have to know what music he uses at about 2:20? That little piece plays sometimes when you’re standing outside a completed shrine and is one of my favourite in the whole game.

(Not to derail the thread)
[Edit: It’s this theme: