Game most in need of a remaster?


The game I would love a remaster for would be Fallout: New Vegas.

I think it’s the best Fallout and maybe also the buggiest! At this point I think that game is basically held together with rubber bands and mods. And oh god, some of those faces are rough.

What game would y’all most like to see remastered?


HD Jet Set Radio Future on PS4/XBOne, pls sega i will give u anything i beg u.

It doesn’t need a remaster, but I’d also like Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Since there seems to be a trend that when an old Fire Emblem is remastered, they actually translate it and bring it to Western audiences. And I’d really like to play that particular entry in the series; it takes place after one that was released over here, and the main character (Roy) was in a few of the Smash games.


Demon’s Souls, since the series is much more popular now, and lots of PS4 owners never had a PS3.

Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call/ Nocturne, again because the series is more popular now, and the art scrubs up beautifully in higher resolutions.


Yeah, Demon’s Souls would great. I’ve made a point to never watch any of it on the off chance they eventually port it to anything other than PS3.


Often the games most in need of a remaster, I find, are the ones least likely to get one. The older a game is, the harder it is to play it, and the less palatable it is to modern audiences, but also the more expensive it is to remaster: you wind up having to make an all new engine and assets. I’m so glad that we’re getting a System Shock remake, for instance.

In that same vein, I’d love to see a remaster of a lot of those looking glass/ion storm/0451 classics, like Ultima Underworld (the most influental game you’ve never played) and also Thief: The Dark Project, and maybe even System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, while we’re at it (though those games are still pretty playable even if you didn’t play them at launch, IMO).


This is a bad photo from an art book but I’ve not found the original (uncropped) concept art online.

I want that Fallout 3. The thing they drew before it became the various gray blocks in an engine falling apart. I’d even take that middling story and performances if this was a complete remaster of the world to make it like the concept art promised. Build that world and let me explore it.


Killer7. The way the game is made makes it so that it would immensely benefits from an upscale. It already looks that good on an emulator.


Often the things that make older games valuable are also what makes them unpalatable.

System Shock won’t be System Shock without those byzantine controls.


Jet Set Radio Future, because if I hear one more person say “played that Jet Set Radio remake and that stuff really doesn’t hold up” I’ll lose it. YOU DID THE WRONG ONE, SEGA.


I think that’s true to an extent - though I’d argue that there’s way more to System Shock than terrible controls. But yeah, Thief wouldn’t be Thief without those enormous, confusing level layouts, for instance, but I think that there’s still changes you can make to make games more playable while preserving what’s good about them. I don’t think you miss out on Doom, for instance, just because you play it with WASD+mouse look even though everyone playing in 1993 would have used the arrow keys, ALT, and CTRL. Obviously any good remaster would need to be done by a team intent on preserving the character of the original, which is a huge part of the challenge.


Demon’s Souls I think could do with a proper remake more than a remaster, fix some of it’s core design issues. I’d like it to keep some of it’s weirder stuff, but I’d be fine either way.

Dark Souls 1 though, 100%. Get that INSIDE ME.


Well, I don’t think the controls are terrible, just strange to anyone accustomed to the agreed upon standard modern fps controls.

I guess my point is that the new System Shock is a fundamentally different work. A remake, not a remaster.

And what kind of animal plays Doom with mouse-look on? Disgraceful.


Attitudes like this is why nobody goes back and plays old games.


Lots of people do. GOG has built a whole business around it.


I’d love to have a version of Shadow of the Colossus (and perhaps ICO, too) on the PS4 that didn’t require the use of PSNow. The PS3 remaster was great, I just wish there was a way to play that without digging out an older console.


Aye, some games should never be out of print.


Tony Hawk’s Underground 1 & 2 and American Wasteland! Those games are really fun. More people need experience the best villian in any game ever which is Eric Sparrow!


Wow, these looks amazing. That would make for a great remaster for sure.

Also seconding DeS and DkS1. They had it pretty rough, and personally I think DkS3 is a gorgeous game so if we could get a similar coat of pain on the oldies, it could be pretty wonderful.


Mass Effect is the first thing that comes to mind for me. I love that game to death, and it’d be nice to have a new console version that smoothes over a lot of that game’s rougher edges.

Though, honestly, I’d rather it be the whole Mass Effect Trilogy instead of just the first game. Too bad EA is the one company that doesn’t seem to want to remaster any games.


Joke Poast; Battletoads

Actual take; The Arcade Version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles