Game of the Here


What’s the best game currently within arm’s reach?

There’s a pack of playing cards on this desk, so I’m going to say that my personal GOTH is Solitaire, for the Rouennais Deck. Can’t wait for the Switch port!


Missing half the pieces 9.0 GOTH


I’ve got XCOM: Enemy Within and Final Fantasy Tactics on my phone, so this is actually a tough choice…

…XCOM takes it.


When your game of the here is your game of the year :joy:


I… guess I could play card games with a tarot deck. I’m not gonna, but I hypothetically could.

Oh wait Tetris Attack. It was behind something. That game frickin rules.


I keep my copy of Titanfall 2, the last game disc I may ever own, pretty close by. Titanfall 2 for the Xbox One is my GOTH.


Indeed there are many historical card games specifically played with tarot cards! But why go there at all if it is not your thing? Could “cartomancy” not be considered a game of sorts if you approach it unseriously?


My phone has King of Dragon Pass on it


well anything’s a game with that attitude


I’ve got a bunch of RPG books sitting on top of my computer, but if I have to choose just one I’m gonna go with Blades in the Dark.


I have a tube of Carmex and some Christmas ornaments. Oh, and my phone has Rollercoaster Tycoon on it if that counts.


I have an Android Netrunner base game set close by. Guess that wins.


My phone is my pocket, so I guess Carcassonne for IOS. If we’re ignoring phones, I’ve got a deck of cards in my desk.



It’s Threes.

It’s always Threes…


This fidget cube and this smooth rock I like to keep in my pockets.


I’ve got a copy of B1: In Search of the Unknown on my desk, ergo Basic Dungeons and Dragons is my Game of the Here.



I have a stack of empty boxes and an open window, so, theoretically, Angry Birds could occur at any moment.


My phone has Race the Sun on it so definitely that.