Game Series that Should Come Back


There a quite a few games that I think should be given a second or fifth chance. I’m going to go with Legacy of Kain. It had a complex and compelling story, plus some dope game play. There are still a few questions that LOK: Defiance left unanswered. I know it didn’t sell a ton of copies, but it had respectable numbers. I would love for Crystal Dynamics to put the same love that they’re putting into Tomb Raider into a new set of LOK games. Seriously how can I get this ship sailing again?
Anyways, what are some series that you want to see back up and running?


I’d love to see Warhammer Online re-launched today with how far server tech has come, I bet it could finally work properly, and not just… crash and reset the whole server whenever a side pushed to a fortress. Really miss that game. Although that’s perhaps not a sequel…

Warhammer 40k, Space Marine. (The THQ action game that was fantastic, but I think kinda died with THQ, then ip wasn’t up for grabs because Games Workshop has it.)

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. (Source first person RPG, which not nearly enough people have played. Not sure how well it has aged.)



Okay, so maybe that isn’t a series, not really. Sure, maybe there’s a new Prey out right now, and it looks great! But we all know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Prey 2.

No, I’m not over it. I still want Prey 2. It’s never going to happen, I know that. I know.

But I continue to dream.


Skate. Skate 4, Skate reboot, I dont care what you do. Just more Skate. Dont let Mortal Kombat rule the “Next Gen Bone Breaking” market.


Mass Effect (too soon ? :grin:)

Would really like a new episode of Alan Wake, that was one of the most atmospheric games I ever played and the American Nightmare was just over way too soon.


How did I forget about Skate?!? I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t mention it.


There are some sequels that I want to games that actually did get sequels, but not the right kind of sequel. A sequel to Crysis and Crysis: Warhead would be great. But I suspect that these sorts of wants are not the true spirit of this thread.

A better answer, and one that seems damn near impossible, would be a sequel to Sleeping Dogs. That game was a real surprise for me and it was fantastic.


Anachronox 2…please universe give me this. SKATE 4. Another Warcraft rts. A new xwing or tie fighter game. COMMAND AND FUCKING CONQUER!


Silent Hill.
Mega Man.
Advance Wars.


I’d love to see a new KotOR/Jedi Knight game. I know the old games aren’t cannon anymore, but no reason why they couldn’t use the concept to build a great game.


Man, a followup to Metroid would be pretty great!

I also agree with @DevJ though. The Crysis sequels never really hit what I liked about the first game, so something more faithful to that would be cool. I mean really, even just a Far Cry with the nanosuit would be interesting, imo.


Even though there’s a fan made Mother 4 coming out some time in the near future(?), I wish there would be some one to carry the torch if Shigesato Itoi isn’t willing to continue.


I still have yet to get around to giving Crysis 3 a cursory playthrough. 2 was fine enough as far as linear shooters go, but nothing special, and it certainly strayed from the design philosophy which made the original so great. Everything about it just felt like a step away from what made the first one special, with the exception of visuals. I mean, they even made the aliens more generic by making them more humanoid.


Yeah, same here, actually. The much more linear, constricted nature of 2 meant I never really bothered even trying Crysis 3. [quote=“DevJ, post:13, topic:3555”]
I mean, they even made the aliens more generic by making them more humanoid.

This!! The aliens in Crysis felt so incredibly powerful and truly alien. They really lost that in the sequel and felt more like generic video game ‘bad guys’.


Alpha Protocol was soooo good! Really should come back, though I don’t want Obsidian to make it.


Mech Commander
Virtua On (there’s a theme here…)
Syndicate (both kinds, I’ll take both thanks)
Alone in the Dark (RE7 is surely a good enough reason to think they could really successfully reboot that franchise)
Splinter Cell (I said this in another thread, but a Splinter Cell that worked like the new Hitman would be utterly amazing)
Power Stone


Every day I check the spot where Chrono Trigger was seen last and lay a flower, hoping for its return. I still believe.

Even still.


D-Dragon’s Dogma (。•́︿•̀。)

edit: As a crazy unicorn I also loved Chrono Cross/Trigger, possibly because I played them in the opposite order of most. As in I played Cross first and loved it, then Trigger which I also loved.

… PT


Katamari Damacy. All I want is more levels full of interesting and mundane objects to roll up while listening to good music.

I would also like to see another The World Ends With You game. There was a stylish and fun DS game.


The Advanced Wars one blows my mind. They continue to make Fire Emblem games, but don’t seem interested in returning to the AW well. Maybe the sales weren’t there, but I thought those games were pretty beloved.