Game Series that Should Come Back


Ok I just want to know why you wouldn’t want Obsidian to make it? Like I can think of a few reasons but none of them are “Another studio would do this better”.


I know this isnt a game but a genre, which is the over the top sports games. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 came out but to major disappointed, i personally haven’t played it yet. EA tried with SSX which was ok but missed the mark. Others like Sled Storm(ps2), Freekstyle, BMX games, Agressive Inline. Sure these type of games are mindless but thats what great about them, trying to get a high score, finding the best lines and messing around in the multiplayer. Being able be share create a park levels would be amazing theres so many creative people out there.


Bioware should really get around to making a sequel to Mass Effect 2. They released two spin off gaiden games, but it’s strange how it just ends on that cliffhanger.


I love Obsidian and their games, and I would still want Chris Avellone to write it, but I would rather Obsidian continue to make games smaller in scope. I know they have the chops to make some real good AAA scale games, and many of their games were marred by publisher pushiness, but I can’t get over how unpolished some of those releases really were. Also I think another company would get the shooting aspects of the game better. I mean if we’re dreaming here I posted last night I’d love to see CDProjekt Red’s take on the game (not that they’d get the shooting down better, but the the Witcher 2 and 3 had amazing presentation). But thinking more, I’d also rather see Arkane and a bit more immersive simming along with the ridiculously good dialog system.


Honestly I can think of huge amounts of Dev’s who would do the shooting and game play better. But I really think that no other studio could do the dialogue better. Like Arkane is a good example of a studio who would do way better in like 90% of the game but not the one aspect I would play through that game for. Also CDProjekt red is a studio who I would love to play their version of it because I just want to see them build a modern spy game. I guess the best way for a new Alpha Protocol to be made is to have Obsidian come in and handle writing as an accessory for a bigger Dev who would make a more fun game.


From a cancelled Legacy of Kain entry:

This may have been decent, but it more likely would have been another stock open-world game. I get where you’re coming from, but I think LoK died peacefully, or at least should be allowed to have died peacefully. Some remasters would be great, though.

For myself, I’d say Starbreeze’s Syndicate.
But I also want another Tenchu Z; there is no other game that fulfills the ninja fantasy quite as well.


Earthbound. Mother was good, but (too) difficult. Earthbound was sublime. Mother 3, while I never played it, looked really interesting and fresh to the series. I would like to see where the series could go with all the advancements since 2006!


Oh, forgot this was a new thread of the same topic, so…

Blood Wake, and Crimson Skies.


Seconding Power Stone because it was the only fighting game I was ever good at and the aesthetics were solid.

Also Jet Set Radio, again. It had a phenomenal soundtrack and EDM has only gotten better as a genre imo, so imagine what they could do with it now. They just need to modernize it, the aesthetics are timeless!!

Also also, Hitman. (It’s only been two days, yet… :cry:)


I guess it comes down to expectations and taste. If a game is unpolished or buggy, it doesn’t really bother me too much. Obsidian are extremely ambitious and ahead of the pack when they really go for it, and if I have to deal with a bit of occasional jank in order to experience something truly great, then I’m totally on board.

So back on topic but still kinda related to jank, the actual series I’d want to return would probably be STALKER. It’ll never happen and there is zero hope.

The closest thing you can get to a sequel is probably the Call of Chernobyl mod, which adds all the previous areas from the first two games into Call of Prypyat along with character & location selection, as well as random quests. There really is nothing else like those games, except for a heavily modded Fallout New Vegas which slightly resembles it.


I just talked about it in the DS thread but Hotel Dusk needs its final chapter. You’d be hard pressed to find characters who feels more alive with the rotoscopy technology. It’s something that needs bringing back.

I’d say another adventure game from Suda51 in the vein of Silver Case & Flower, Sun, and Rain. He has a huge talent for it. Also Killer7 sequel.


I already miss Dark Souls and it’s only been a year since DS3 came out :’(


Crysis 2 was the highlight of the series. FIGHT ME


No One Lives Forever

I keep going back to play NOLF 2 on PC, but would love to see some more adventures in that universe, especially because Contract J.A.C.K was kind of boring.


Great shout - that brain has just come into my head and now I want to track it down.


I really want another Valkyria Chronicles.

And not technically the same thing, but I need someone to port the older Fallout games to mobile like Beamdog did with Baldurs Gate. And someone else did with KOTOR? Apparently? That’ll never not be weird.


Mass Effect, definitely.


Well, I mean, it’s understandable some people would like Crysis 2 best, I mean some people think Dynasty Warriors is a good series too :wink:

But no, seriously, I can say that 2 definitely had good aspects, it was a fun game and had some great scripted sequences. I just found the more linear level design a lot less engaging and much less fun to explore. Kind of a Dead Space 1 vs 2 argument.


Someone call Lu Bu


Metroid (Prime)
Virtua Fighter
Chrono Something

They should also probably make those last 3 Xenosaga games.