Game Shame Thread

This one’s always fun. What is a game you’ve never finished and feel really guilty about not finishing?

For me, it’s Shadow of the Colossus. I love the heck out of it in every way and I even talk about it like I’m a person who’s finished it, but I never actually have. Runner-up is SMT: Nocturne. I recommend it constantly but myself am only a little over halfway through.

Note: try to mention only specific games (a huge Steam library of unplayed titles doesn’t count) and don’t make this about the games you flat-out weren’t interested in and stopped playing–that’s the opposite of shame! I’m looking for that sweet shame!


Definitely Fallout New Vegas. I tried 3 separate playthroughs. Every time a game breaking bug ended my playthrough before i could see all i wanted to see.

My 2nd playthrough ended when the game decided suddenly that every faction hated my guts. I tried reloading all sorts of prior saves but they still behaved in the same hostile way. I even messed around with console commands to try to fix it. But nothing worked.

It’s not so much my fault as it is the game’s. But i do wish i could of had that one really great playthrough a lot of others have told stories about over the years. But at this point i’m convinced i’m cursed with FNV playthrough’s and i’ve moved on.

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Every single Final Fantasy other than 15. I always hit a wall about 30 hours in and didn’t want to do all the side stuff. Today, I’d fight through, but I refused to grind when I was a teenager. I want to go back, as I consider them some of my favorite games with soundtracks that really defined a lot of my musical taste, but I have never beaten most of them.


I’m the opposite!!! I grinded too much back then and can’t now :joy:

Red Dead Redemption. I love it to bits and will wax lyrical about how it’s one of the best games of last gen but I never made it to that heartbreaking ending, instead focussing all my time exploring the world, admiring the prettiness and starting saloon punchups until my disk tragically stopped working.


I actually don’t think I’ve ever beaten Chrono Trigger, though I did finish Cross! I have a fear of not finishing JRPGs after hitting roadblocks now because of how often it happened when i was younger, so I always end up overlevelling in games now.


I’ve always burned out right before the zora dungeon in majora’s mask. Every release.

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Deus Ex. Regret might be slightly more accurate than shame, though there’s some measure of that, too. I wish I’d had the opportunity to play it back in 2000, because the half-dozen or so times I’ve tried in the intervening years haven’t proven especially fruitful.

I see its worth, and I understand how it helped engineer a genre I now love more than most others, but enjoying that game specifically eludes me entirely.

Alright, sure, I’ll admit something: when people ask me about my favorite games I always take time to evangelize Xenogears and how much I love it and it’s my favorite JRPG and so on. I’ve never actually…finished it. I know damn near everything about the story and plot, but when I was in the last dungeon when I played it initially (this was probably a few months after release so I was a pre-teen) I didn’t want it to end so I just kinda stopped… Yeah.

Thing about that game is that it’s such a time-sink that I’ve started it up through the years with the intention of finishing it and then inevitably get distracted by other games. Maybe one day. Maybe this year I should just do it.

This is cathartic.


I feel the same way. I can essentially say that I understand Deus Ex comparisons after playing a few hours, but I’ll never know what it was like to have that game come out and just smash everything.

There are boatloads of great RPGs I love but never beat. Chrono Trigger, every FF I’ve played, Super Mario RPG, and several more.

For me, the worst of all was Etrian Odyssey IV. It’s my favorite 3DS JRPG, possibly my favorite 3DS game in general, and vies for my favorite in the series (along with EO2, which is the only game in the series I’ve beaten). Honestly don’t know why I never finished it, either. Was fairly close to the end.

Oh, that reminds me of a good one: Fire Emblem Awakening. It’s my favorite 3DS game and one of my favorite games ever, now, but I never beat the boss. On the last stage, I realized the game wanted me to be on a completely different level of skill and build than I was, and I just got demolished every time. Bosses are bullshit.

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I really love Super Mario RPG but I got to the Axem Rangers boss, had my ass kicked a couple of times, and then decided to stop playing for a bit. Ever since then I haven’t found the energy to pick it back up, and that sucks because I loved playing every part of that game and it’s the only Mario RPG I haven’t beaten.

That boss fight is a real jerk though, 5 different characters with decently high HPs, one of which gets to attack twice. But you can’t try to kill him first because another one heals the other enemies, so you just have to deal with a lot before it becomes manageable.

Pillars of Eternity is the one that really stings for me. Kickstarted it, got the art book. Bought a copy for my wife. Loved every minute of it. Got about 2/3 through and trailed off.

Then a year or more later, I bought the expansion, thinking that would push me back. All I did was create a new character and play through the first 20 minutes. Argh. One day…


FFIX!! like somebody else said, this was when i was young and too impatient to grind ever, so i was always way under-leveled. i literally got to the final final boss and fought it a ton of times but just couldn’t beat it and eventually gave up :disappointed_relieved:

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Spec Ops: the Line. I generally liked that game (even the game part of it) but fell off part way through for whatever reason. Knowing how it ends (and having seen a lot of it and coverage/analysis) makes it very difficult to return to part way through.

For me, a good deal of the games I wanted to finish but didn’t came down to unnecessarily tough boss fights. I feel like that’s gonna be a common thread here.

You should watch a video of the final boss of Super Mario RPG sometime. He’s pretty creepy-looking.

Red Dead Redemption. I always start it with the intention of finishing that story, and am really interested in it…and then I just stop for a long time or get distracted by new games. I once got distracted from finishing Red Dead with trying to stream Dark Souls…and then after reading this post remembered that I had stopped. Bah.

Let’s see. I also never finished Skyrim, which is a bummer because I had a great time playing that and generally liked where the story was headed.

A friend of mine bought me Twilight Princess a long time ago and I got about 2 hours into it and stopped…and then by the time I got back to it my old Wii stopped working.

Just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

Currently? Breath of the Wild. Got it for Wii U, played about 10 hours over the course of a week and got pulled away by research. Keep meaning to get back to it, but now that I have time I’m kinda daunted.

Ocarina of Time. I was kinda young when it first came out, and despite making it fairly far into the game 3 or 4 separate times since then, I’ve always gotten distracted by something else before I finish. I’ve finished Majora’s Mask though, haha.

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