Game Shame Thread

I’m embarrassed to say it, but I never finished Ocarina of Time either. I had one of my friends beat it for me. Heck, I had him beat the last three dungeons for me. I’ve since tried to go back to the game, but like most N64/Playstation era games, it hasn’t aged too well for me.

I haven’t beat Skyward Sword either, but I don’t feel too bad about that.

I got all the way to the final boss fight of Ocarina of Time but had to take a break because the 3DS XL was turning my hands into claws. And then I never picked it up again lol

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I’ve seen basically everything in the game at this point; one of my hobbies when I was younger was just breaking the game as badly as possible via GameShark and poking around at things, plus I got way into speedruns of it for awhile so eventually pieced the majority of it together. Maybe I’ll beat it someday, but it’s probably not going to be soon.

Also same on Skyward Sword. I’ve considered going back and finishing it, but that’s an especially hard sell now that Breath of the Wild is out.

I hear ya. I quit Xenogears towards the end, then helped my buddy finish the game a year or two later. That last dungeon took several hours of concentrated effort because the maze was so tricky. It sounds like you got a lot out of the experience even without finishing it, but if you want to return you should!

My guilty unfinished game is Hell Night for the Playstation. I went to all this trouble to emulate the Euro version, and it was fascinating, terrifying and strange. I just never got around to finishing it. Funny thing: it also has a lot of mazes.

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Yeah! I actually have a save file on my PS3 right now (I think I’m right after the Yggdrasil gets flight at Shevat?). I peck at it once or twice a year. I’m going to try and push myself though. Needs to be done.

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Awesome. I think you’ll really enjoy it. The final area is beautiful in its own way and there are some great character designs. You must report back your findings!

My greatest shame is that after 150+ hours I didn’t beat Darkest Dungeon. And I only have the final dungeon to go. I’m feeling extreme shame just typing about it. :confounded:

I have never finished a Final Fantasy game, even though I played 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, and 15…

Also I only made it through the first 10 or so hours of Persona 4 Golden because I have no soul…

I still feel kinda guilty I never beat Xenoblade Chronicles. Or even Chronicles X for that matter.

Mostly it’s because those games had a bunch of side quests, and they were side quests that like… never really had you doing much at all, but the fact they were on the map made me feel like I needed to do them, but the fact that I could never tell what quests were worth doing and which ones weren’t…

Like I think they talked about this on the Podcast a few weeks back in regards to Inquisition where you’d be in the Hinterlands and there would be like a MILLION side quests but it wasn’t really clear which ones had interesting story or which were just ways to earn some EXP.

For real RPGs, please help sort these things out more.

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The first Shin Megami Tensei, I started it in high school yeaaars ago, still play it once every few months, still unable to finish it. It’s not hard, it’s just that I managed to get stuck so badly and I’m too thickheaded to admit I could just restart so I shamefully quit a lot

Hyper Light Drifter, honestly. I swore to myself I’d return as soon as I have a console to play it on rather than a keyboard+mouse, and, uh… I’ve moved in with someone who owns a steam controller I could freely use, now.

Failing that, The Banner Saga 2. For as many times as I beat BS1, the stakes for these characters I care deeply for now feel so high and the odds so overwhelming that I can barely muddle my way through a single battle per sitting, the past several times I’ve sat down to play it. I want to return and forge on through, fleeing before the Ragnarok in search of any glimmer of hope… it’s just so damned stressful, honestly.


I’m quite ashamed to have never made it all that far into Valkyrie Profile 2 and Resonance of Fate. Both were directed by the same guy and are very challenging and involving combat wise. RoF even more so than VP2, actually. I didn’t even quit at spots were I was stuck necessarily. It was more of a “quit while I’m ahead” kinda deal. In VP2 it was just some random dungeon, and in RoF it was a… statue escort mission? I remember being able to just pay for the statue and not have to worry about it, but that wasn’t satisfying enough for me, so I quit to return one day, stronger, wiser. That was 7 years ago, lol.

I don’t think I know a single person who finished Resonance of Fate lol I’m still struggling through it. I love this game to death, it was doing its own thing when everyone was waiting eagerly for FF13. It had that maturity you ever rarely see from Tri-Ace. It was just way too obtuse and painfully hard for its own good.

I would still play it if it wasn’t one of the few games where using a DS4 on a PS3 doesn’t work on this game. Since Sega is trying to get on PC ports, Resonance of Fate really needs to get in there. Give it a second chance for the JRPG enthusiasts on PC.

I most certainly will. I need that chapter closed in my life.

@dr_monocle I never finished the last dungeon in Xenogears either. I really loved that game and spent so much time on it. I kind of had the same experience you did. I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I started doing the weird fighting game-style arena battles and never actually went back to do that last bit.

There are actually a bunch of games that I’ve started and never finished, though. A bunch of them I’m super bummed about, others not so much. Chrono Cross, Breath of Fire 3, Borderlands 2 (man, that one stings pretty bad actually…), to name a few. But the one that really sticks out to me, and I’m actually working on fixing right now, is Bioshock. I picked it up when the game first came out. But I have really issues with atmospheric dread. Like when a game starts to creep me out too much, I have a hard time getting myself to play it regardless of how interested I am in finding out the story. My anxiety just eats away at me way too bad. I usually don’t play horror games for this reason. But now that I’ve returned to it, I’ve gotten past a lot of that. So I’m picking away at it when I have the time.

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I have a lot of these, unfortunately. :frowning:

The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker (I tried on the gamecube and again with the HD remaster and both times it escaped me)
VA-11 Hall-A (which I enjoyed a lot but I didn’t play for a month and now feel like I need to start from the beginning)
Hate Plus (I feel like I need to replay Analogue: A Hate Story to really get it and that’s enough to make it languish)
Kentucky Route Zero Act 4 (I played through acts 1, 2 and 3 but when 4 came out I decided to wait until 5 and like, I should just do it, but I don’t)

The good news is NieR: Automata was nearly on this list for me but I finally finished Ending A two days ago and I think I have enough momentum to finish that game, which is nice. It’s pretty good imo.

Still struggling, huh? Oh dear, I was hoping it’d be one of those games where one day it just “clicks” and you completely wipe the floor with it.

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter is another wall-of-shame game that was like that for me. I first played it in '03 when I was still fairly new to RPGs. I was completely unprepared for the level of challenge presented, and gave up almost immediately.

It wasn’t until 5 years ago that I finally beat it. Now I could probably speedrun it in a couple of hours.

Dang, what an excellent game that turned out to be. If you like RoF, I think there’s a good chance you’ll like Dragon Quarter as well.

I had an amazing time playing Guild Wars 2. It was the first time I had found a clan in an MMO that I actually enjoyed and bonded with. There were weekly activities, excellent moderation and leadership, and a lot of just companionable behavior and queer friendliness. We were medium in size and on a smaller, less competitive server at the time so when we organized for WvW it was fun and impactful. It was the first time I had experienced that in an MMO so when I left for a bit to focus on research I thought I’d be back soon…and I never returned. I think about trying it again these days, especially with the expansion now available, but I know I can’t go back and expect to have the same experience, that’s years gone now.

Oh yeah, that’s a thing for me too. I try to savor each delicious drop of that game to the point that I hoard its precious moments of discovery until I’ve paralyzed myself from being able to play more of it. This even extends to breaking my usual urge toward 100% completionism. In this game the setting feels so sacrosanct and… right, in a just so manner, that I actually tend stay on the main path and don’t explore everything in an area on the first playthrough, only what I feel particularly called to and drawn in by.

Good grief, that game is beautiful. The “games as art??” discourse is so tired and rehashed at this point, but I want to shut critics of the form up by jamming this game into their hands. Of course, it’s just the sort of game that you need to approach at your own pace and of your own accord, so inflicting it as homework would in many cases probably only breed resentment against it, and yet~ and yet!~

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Oh yeah the arena in Nortune! I spent way too much time there

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