Game You Can Play With One Hand?


So I recently separated my shoulder and as a result will be wearing a sling on my left arm for 4-6 weeks, meaning I can’t really hold and use a PS4 controller. So I’m wondering–what are some games I can play with one hand?

-I primarily game with a PS4, but I also have a 4 year-old PC
-I’ve been thinking about picking Hearthstone back up, I took a break during the game glut of 2017
-I don’t own a Switch

Any ideas? Thank you! Apologies that replies might be slow due to typing with one hand.

Steam Controller, Auntie Knuckles and Inclusion

You could get an MMO gaming mouse depending on the free hand you have and set the key bindings up and play a lot of PC games like that.


Turn based JRPGs! I’ve been playing Persona 5 with one hand a lot and it’s been fine. There’s nothing there that’s too reflex based and you’re mostly selecting stuff in menus and scrolling through text.


I mean, if you have a 4 y/o PC, there’s a lot of games you can play. There’s this little-known game called Diablo. Yeah, you probably haven’t heard of it, but it’s pretty good.

And maybe you wanna play some old LucasArts adventures that you never got around to. Or play the new one – Thimbleweed Park.

I don’t know what the controls are like on Syberia 3 that just came out, but the previous two were were mouse-only. You could play those and then play Syberia 3 on PS4 once your shoulder recovers.

So yeah, those would be my recommendations. Point ‘n’ click RPGs and adventures. Some would probably say it’s sacrilege to play an RTS without a keyboard, but that’ll probably be fine in single-player as well.

As for on PS4… Hmmm… I can’t really think of anything one-handed off the top of my head, but if Bayonetta is on PS Now, you could play that one-handed using Easy Automatic mode or whatever it’s called.


in before visual novels are porn joke


Time to get way into mobile games, friend.


No, definitely don’t get into mobile games. Unless it’s Dragon Quest 1-6. Then I can approve.

DQ8 is available as well, but… that’s a loooong game to be playing in portrait mode on a phone.


I’d say it’s the best time to get Ace Attorney. I think they are available up to the fifth game on mobile device.


I played Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings while holding a baby, both are great options, especially on an older PC. Civ is also a good bet.


The Banner Saga games can be played with just the mouse! I’m not usually into turn-based RPGs (I’m pretty bad at them) but the art and music are gorgeous and I really enjoyed the visual novel elements.


I’ve also been taking a look at my steam library and D4 Dark Dreams Don’t Die definitely fits the bill as it plays only with a mouse. If you can live with the prospect of never seeing a sequel, season one is incredibly good, fun and quite long if you’re the type to explore every nook and cranny.


I almost forgot to mention Regency Solitaire which, regardless of whether you like the trappings, is a great game. I’ve only read one Jane Austen novel but enjoyed the game enough to 100% it.


FTL on the PC should be good if you’re willing to either map your spacebar to a mouse key or take your time playing it.


I think Hearthstone is a great choice! Just to ask, do you have a phone/tablet and/or do you like to play games on it? I can’t think of anything that jumps out super clearly on the PC end. This is a tough question that I don’t give half enough thought too normally.

Hope you have as quick a path to recovery as is possible!


Crypt of the Necrodancer is fantastic for this. You literally control the entire game with just the arrow keys.


If you enjoy 4x/Grand Strategy games, any of the Civilization series or the Paradox games would be great choices.

Stellaris, the space 4x/Grand Strategy hybrid from Paradox is the early unlock on humble bundle right now, so you could get it for 12 dollars.

Good luck with the recovery!


Now is a great opportunity to take advantage of the fact that Earthbound can be played with only one hand! On the SNES at least. Im sure if you have a gamepad on PC with an emulator it would also work.


I’m probably the only person who played it this way, but Dragon Age: Origins.

I played it on the easiest difficulty and used an exploit to reach the highest level before leaving the tutorial. It’s an excellent story and I still had fun with the game, plus I was able to breeze through it with one hand on the controller and the other hand on a sandwich.

P.S. The exploit involves a quest early on where you need to get scrolls & blood. Go get the blood, return to quest giver, and turn in the blood portion of the quest indefinitely. You’ll keep getting XP forever.


Your PC should be quite capable of running Tabletop Simulator. Get that. Get mods for it from the Workshop. Play with randos or people you know. Good stuff. If you want you can even solo things like Mage Knight or Descent (with an app on the latter one).

The reason why I’m sort of going out of my way to recommend specifically a tabletop thing is that I found learning and reading rulebooks and playing the games through that, or learning by someone teaching me, really helped me ignore some mental and physical anguish I was tangled up with some years ago. It’s a more efficient escape from pains than just basic video gaming which I notice occasionally sort of makes me a passive participant. Learning and moving stuff around in a physical or accurately rendered 3D space takes a bit more from the brain. Well, my brain at least.

TTS is very easy to use with just one hand controlling the mouse.


Darkest Dungeon is totally playable with just one hand (mouse).