GameInformer - Alien Isolation Is Getting A Mobile Sequel


i’m willing to bet that, at some point in the past year, a school councillor has sat in this exact pose in front of some bored schoolkids and talked about how the real Victory Royale is saying no to drugs.


The US version of the Commodore 64 game of ALIENS had a level that was similar as well.

Based on the scene when the Colonial Marines first encounter the xenomorphs, you play essentially as the lieutenant watching the monitors with their vitals. You switch between 4 of the marines and then directly control one at a time, trying to navigate them out of the facility. It was pretty cool for what it was at the time, and it was just how that one level worked (though essentially the same concept is used for the level where you, as Ripley, need to navigate the facility to save Newt.) And I think how many of the 4 marines you manage to get out determined how many extra lives you had in the next level, which was sort of like a horizontal Space Invaders (you had to shoot the aliens to keep them from reaching the marines until the door to escape got welded open.)

This was back in the day when video game movie tie-ins weren’t always just one genre of game, but a series of game types and/or mini games that could basically be skinned to specific scenes from the film.


That C64 Aliens game owned, there’s an early first person Aliens game too I liked because it had a lot of graphics of all the gear you had to select and stuff.

Also the immortal Aliens TC for Doom. Doom was originally going to be an official Aliens game early on but that fell through, but the Aliens TC was insanely influential and good when it came out, and it was just a one person conversion of Doom! But it’s like literally a “this is how the FPS genre works now” level game with the way it uses Doom’s scripting to place voices from the movie at the perfect spots, the sheer scope of the levels, and the at the time unheard decision to have zero enemies in the first level and just atmospheric stuff.

I’m also a big fan of Space Hulk (both the old computer game and the 1995 remake). Those games were rad as hell and super tense. I still have to try the new ones.

Speaking of which, if anyone reading this has a PS4 and hasn’t gotten it yet, I believe today through tomorrow morning Alien: Isolation is still on sale for real cheap.