GamerGate Politician ‘Sargon of Akkad’ Loses Election Bid

Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin, a YouTube figure who rose to prominence railing against feminism during the GamerGate movement, will not become part of the European Parliament. Benjamin ran as part of the far-right UKIP party, a group almost exclusively focused on racist anti-immigration policies. UKIP did especially poorly, according to BuzzFeed, following their attempt to inject energy into the movement by recruiting loud voices from the Internet.

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Something-something - small favors.

Let’s hope that serves as discouragement and not motivation to continue down that path.

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Didn’t this shitlord back the wrong horse because turns out all the racists moved on to the Brexit Party instead?


I feel like you could see this coming, especially after Farage and his Ilk founded the Brexit Party, as a pretty transparent maneuver to scrape off the the mud that the UKIP name and scrape people like Benjamin and other extremely online members that gave that party an extremely publicly bad look.* Good that he has not found success though, fuck that guy.

*Not that the Brexit party isn’t nationalist, racist and complete garbage, just that sargon and company said the quiet part a little too loud for more traditional garbage men.

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He did at least get a couple of free milkshakes out of it though, so he didn’t lose out completely.


I’m not sure if this is proper etiquette to put in the forum, but I’m not sure where else to put it. There is an issue in the last line of the piece. The line currently reads, “…that might actually be a little presumptions for Benjamin.” I believe it should read, “…that might actually be a little presumptuous of Benjamin.”

My worry is he and the other UKIP ■■■■■ have managed to draw a bunch of kids into toxic politics


Maybe now he’ll go away forever, having seen that his ideas were soundly rejected.

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I really hope this means he just gives up, but its worrying that he even got this far. Youtube is encouraging these people being treadmilled into the political sphere by allowing them make money off their racist, sexist bullshit. Deplatforming these assholes before they can get to this point has to be the goal in the future

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Don’t worry! If they talk to one brave counter-protester, it’ll cure them! /s


As much as I’m unhappy about the fact that Farage, the cockroach of British politics, remains in the game. I’m tickled that old Sargon failed miserably. As he does in life.

As for the impressionable youth who watch his videos, I have faith in the younger generation. Not sure if anyone read this:

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be policing these kind of online groups though.

Yeah there’s a lengthy discussion on a thread somewhere, I believe it was one of the Waypoints the other week

Yup, like Dyfrig said, it was the topic of a Waypoints discussion (ep. 30). The discussion thread is here :slight_smile:

Carl’s currently trying to spin it as a 4D Chess ploy to “Take over in 20 years” so he’s got the next stage of his grift planned but consensus is that he essentially killed the party. UKIP members are leaving in droves, party leader Gerard Batten is currently missing and refusing to talk to media while other far righters are mocking him and trying to disassociate from him for such an awful performance in what was previously a UKIP safe seat while his own fans are claiming “That ■■■■ Farage sold us out”. Far right parties tend to eat themselves after a huge and humiliating election defeat (For example, the BNP in 2010. Lost badly when they were expected to take a council. Suddenly everyone had dirt on everyone else regarding expenses and party money being misused. Nick Griffin started expelling anyone who challenged his rule and he ended up getting mixed up with Loyalist Terrorists in Northern Ireland. Party just completely imploded and is a non-entity now). I would expect this to go the same, especially now Carl has lost his youtube money and will have to give an expenses breakdown to the electoral commission.

It’s incredibly fascinating just how badly it went wrong for them. They were expected to retain according to polls but a complete wipeout after winning 2014 was almost unheard of.

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Im not so sure that should be used as a sign of faith, especially considering the article in question of wether the article was portraying true events is dubious at best. Hell most of the Waypoint crew even found it to be incredibly suspect.

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