Games doesn't show up at Vice UK at all

I’m not sure if this is the right place for it but I noticed ever since the site moved over that in the list of verticals or sub-sections of Vice, Waypoint/Games doesn’t show up at all on the /en_uk site- which is the site I’ll get directed to if I go to because of geographical reasons.

As far as /en_uk is concerned, Games isn’t subject matter covered. Probably out of the hands of the people at Vice Games, but sure does seem like a huge oversight or misstep.


Are you sure you’re not being redirected to The url you have written (vice[dot]co[dot]uk) isn’t the vice UK url and seems to redirect to a different site.

Either way this is an issue for all the international sites for vice.

Sorry you’re right, I typed out the other URL by mistake. If I go to it will redirect me to the /en_uk version of the site, which does’t feature “games” at all.

I’ve edited to original post if only to stop people clicking the link to some random site.

Obviously I can just change it myself to go to the /en_us version, but that’s not ideal for exposure for the Games section.


Yeah, there’s no content mirroring, most of the countries have their own staff and tailor their categories to their audiences. Games probably don’t click well on the UK site, just as there’s never been a games category in Germany, just some articles via Motherboard GER.

It’s the same in Australia, redirects to the en-Au site which doesn’t have a link to the Games section.

Just gotta keep using