Games for Change 2017


Hey everyone!

Has anyone been to Games for Change in NYC? I’m considering going this year. As a nonprofit professional who also loves games and wants to explore how they can (or can’t) change society, I’m definitely intrigued.

It looks like there’s an awesome lineup of speakers, but the price point is pretty high ($479 for general pass, $379 for nonprofits/educators) so I’m scoping it out before dropping the $$$.

If you’ve been, what did you think? What did you get out of it, and was it worth the cost/time? Anyone else considering going for the first time?


“Games for change” has always felt like techbro nonsense to me. It’s basically just a way to feel like you’re accomplishing something meaningful when all you’re doing is making video games and, apparently, charging people exorbitant amounts to go to conferences.

That’s not to say that games don’t affect the world - all art does - but the idea that games are somehow uniquely poised to make a change to the way the world works outside the bounds of the slow process by which large trends in media affect the way we think and (rarely) act is mostly bullshit, IMO.


I feel ya. I wrote my Senior Thesis in college about games as a therapeutic tool. I ultimately decided against pursuing this further in academia, instead becoming a social worker.

This taught me pretty quick that my ideas were interesting but limited, and not grounded enough in the hard reality that change is hard. Games are complicated and not always “good.” :slight_smile:

I’m still interested in learning more, though, because while the concept itself may be flawed, there’s a huge lineup of speakers and guests that seem interesting.


MFW I found out this thread is not about buying games for pocket change. :disappointed: