Games for Waypoint 101


Austin mentioned that he is considering doing a Shadowrun game at some point, I would be very into that. Dragonfall and Hong Kong are my favorite cRPGs in a while and they differ from the other games in the recent resurgence of cRPGs in some interesting ways that could be worth discussing.

Also Cameron was just on a very good 3MA about the Infinity engine games so if he’s up for another 101 I think getting his perspective on the Shadowrun games and how they related to and depart from the legacy of those games could be cool.

I also like @OwenKetillson’s suggestion of Neon Struct, both because the idea of a budget immersive sim is an interesting topic and because I played the demo of that game and liked it enough to buy it, but never could find the time to play it and this might give me the kick in the pants I need to go back to it.


@BluShine Oh! This is very much a good point. Now I feel a little unimaginative for just recommending yet another dystopic shhoty game.

But what’s the opposite of that?

What about the surrealistic/avant-garde, five act opera Oἶκoςpiel Book I. Which heavily remixes, samples and repurposes everything from unity store assets to environments of several Legend of Zelda games to tell a story about videogame labour from the perspective of a development studio comprised of dogs. It’s from the composer of Proteus who wanted to build a game in lock step with its respective score.

Also the American neoconservative political donators the Koch brothers are played by Donkey Kong and it contains the entirety of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Tristram Shandy. Its sequel debuted just last weekend as a real honest to goodness opera at a festival in Amsterdam. It can be a touch dense but comes with a seventy some page Libretto explaining what exactly is going on in any given scene.

It’s real great.


A suggestion I’m sure I’ll be the only one to make and probably has little to no outside support but…

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

It’s one of the first “mature” games I remember playing and not in the dripping with blood and guts sense. It was a Sierra adventure game that ditched the mechanic of screwing yourself forever with a single mistake. It’s also got Mark Hamill and Tim Curry doing an… interesting New Orleans accent.

Really, I’m just interested in a perspective on the game and how it handles its story, characters, and issues from someone who hasn’t been playing it for two decades.


Neon Struct is extremely solid and underrated, my only concern is a lack of breadth for discussion to cover


I think a waypoint 101 on Absolver, Caves of Qud or STALKER would be amazing. Absolver flew under the radar for a lot of people but I find the way it handles multiplayer and how that informs its combat system very interesting, let alone it’s fascinating style


Well up for Absolver because it will absolutely end up with everyone in the 101 thread showing off how Fashionable they are.


Buddy ur reading my mind

Caves of Qud is my faaavorite. Absolute GOAT. It’s pretty obtuse though, even for a rogue-like, so it might be a rough game for a lot of people. It’s also proc-gen so there’s not gonna be a “checkpoint” or ending to conveniently play up to.

STALKER is great and it seems like a lot of the crew have been interested in playing it. But its also pretty long, and Mad Max took like 2 months for the 101 to come out.

Absolver actually seems like a perfect candidate to be honest. For one, the campaign isn’t very long. Secondarily, if its selected, a lot of the people participating in the 101 will be able to play each other. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this has already been recommended but I would love to see them play The Banner Saga. It’s fantastic, I feel like I don’t hear about it nearly enough, and there’s a lot of room for the crew’s paths to diverge in their individual play-throughs given how many decisions you make over the course of the story, and the mixture between turn-based strategy combat gameplay and Oregon-Trail style supply management and random events with huge consequences seems like a good fit for discussions about morality and leadership, and a deep dive into the game’s super cool mythology. It seems like just the right length for what they’re looking for too!


It’s a bit of a weird choice, but Caves of Qud sounds like it would be a fun discussion, and also entirely Austin’s shit RE: worldbuilding and personal story telling. It seems like a game completely focused on being a story generation machine.

EDIT: It was suggested like 3 posts above mine, whoops. But consider this another vote for it!


After the series is concluded, bring Natalie on for Big. Boy. Seasooon.


Pokemon Go.

And I’m completely serious. I’ve never played it, and am more interested in it as a social phenomenon than an game, but I think some interesting talk could come out of a community like Waypoint all jumping in together and investigating how games interact with reality (“gamifying” reality), the power of games and community, etc. etc.

And hey, maybe its the catalyst for good Waypoint meetups and shenanigans.

I don’t think this would ever be picked for Waypoint 101, but genuinely think it would be great.


Vampyr seems like the perfect game for a 101, although I’m not sure if it has to be of a certain age to qualify.


I love the idea of Pokémon GO as a 101 game! And if it ends up facilitating community meet ups, then all the better!


Want to third this suggestion, the game is still pretty unplayable if you’re in a 100% residential/rural location (check your faith centers and parks if you are though!), but the additions made over the last 2 years have made it one of the lowest barriers to entry on a real MMO I’ve ever experienced.
Also Pokemon are adorable and I would love a thread that’s full of people’s monsters.


I never finished Gabriel Knight and I always wanted to go back - probably forgot all the plot and puzzle solutions now too. I guess I don’t know how much there would be for the Waypoint crew to really get into though - the gameplay systems are just your typical adventure stuff so it’d really just be the plot they could talk about (and I have no idea how the New Orleans Voodoo Noir stuff would hold up under scrutiny). But for the record, I’m with you buddy. I’d love to hear Austin doing his version of Tim Curry doing his version of a weird New Orleans accent.


That’s really the reason I want people with fresh eyes to look at it. It’s really hard for me to divorce years of nostalgia from the whole so I don’t know to fresh eyes how well or poorly any of those subject matters are handled. The mechanics and all of that aren’t really worth dissecting although I’d argue outside of one or two particularly bad offenders it suffers the least from “adventure game logic” of that era.


I would love to see The Yawgh, or Starseed Pilgrim, or Crypt Worlds in 101. Especially Crypt World’s.

I wonder if Austin remember becoming a Piss Expert in Crypt Worlds on Stream Friends?


I just saw that Revolution 1979: Black Friday is coming to consoles soon, and I definitely think that it’s a game worth covering on Waypoint 101. It’s an adventure game set on the eve of the Iranian Revolution, and it delves deep into what it was like to be someone on the ground during that time. I wrote up the PC version a few years ago if anyone wants to read more about it.


I would love to see them dive into the lore and world of Morrowind because no other game has tried to do world-building like it since. There is still an extremely active fanbase that talk and debate about the lore behind that game and I would like to see other folks talk about it.


A waypoint 101 about a classic roguelike would be interesting.
Thread dedicated to them here
There’s a lot to choose from, maybe Caves of Qud which is insanely detailed, Nethack or Brogue for a more classic game. I liked all the options and customization of Pathos.
You could share the seed of whatever game you play so anyone could try the same dungeon