Games for Waypoint 101


I totally know this all out of left field but I found it in my list of owned games and realized I would love to hear people I respect talk about it:

Splinter Cell: Conviction

We still need Splinter Cell to come back. It’s a Ubisoft game that’s almost unarguably political. Michael Ironside!


Ideas, from the list of games I think are interesting and deserve closer attention but I didn’t actually play through myself:

  • Technobabylon, or Gemini Rue, or another Wadjet Eye game
  • Eisenhorn: XENOS
  • Cradle
  • Blues and Bullets (Austin played a bit of this with Giant Bomb a while back, it’s very interesting. only one episode ever got released, though.)

things I’ve actually played and think might be good 101s:

  • a visual novel (I liked Analogue: A Hate Story and did actually finish it)
  • just play VVVVVV again and talk about solid simple mechanics that work well
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People have suggested Caves of Qud which I’m not averse to because it’s my all time favorite GOAT Big Fave, but I’d actually think it might be worth looking at more modernized roguelikes like Haque. They provide a lot of advancements to the genre that I think can help ease people into the genre.

The problem though is that since these roguelikes don’t really have an endpoint, it’s really hard to get to a point where I’ve felt like I’ve “gotten” a particular roguelike, you know what I mean?


Also I think it should go without saying that when the final act of Kentucky Route Zero comes out, that would be a prime contender for a Waypoint 101


I love this because I hear great things about KR0 but just can not get into it.


They usually have an endpoint (get the treasure at the bottom of the dungeon and get out) but I get your point, actually doing that is very rare. I’ve never finished some of my favorite roguelikes.
You’d have to set your own guidelines, like “we’ll play this for a certain amount of time”?


Spec Ops: The Line would be interesting. The seams of the white phosphorous scene were pretty transparent when I first played it, but it still emotionally resonated with me. I’m curious if I’d still feel that way today.


Stories Untold would be a fascinating pick! It starts off so wondrously unassuming.

Observer would also be a great pick in the lead up to Cyberpunk 2077.


There is that problem that KRZ is really hard to get into.

Seems to me at some point you really can’t analyze that game from the hip and actually need to engage with it with knowledge of the works and history it draws from. Luckily, KRZ is really blatant about what it’s drawing from. Unluckily, those references are highbrow and academic and I think it’s been pretty well proven that they’re beyond the common knowledge of the gaming community.

That all said, I would want nothing more than a 101 on KRZ. Let me go get my relevant Norton anthologies.


Couple of ideas. I just finished Transistor and it’s absolutely beautiful. It would probably only take one podcast though. I haven’t played Undertale, but we’re far enough away from it that no-one would be influenced as much by zeitgeist.


undertale would be a good one, given recent events.


I think Remember Me would be a great candidate considering how far Dontnod have come since that game.


In light of today’s podcast, who needs to be bribed to make Cultist Simulator the next Waypoint 101?


I wonder if Austin would be willing to replay it; he said in his review on Giant Bomb he didn’t have an interest in returning to it

editing just to say Undertale is just a good video game


Yeah I don’t think I’ll ever replay Undertale. It’s silly of me, I know, but given how that game wraps up it would feel like betrayal to go back to it.


I’m gonna go ahead and wish for The Missing as a game for 101. Partly because it’s really short and because i still feel a bit stinged by that waypoint has not done any coverage of the game.


Either Darksiders 1 or 2 would make for a good Waypoint 101. They’re video game-ass-video games, but boy are they fun as hell. I think it would also allow for discussion of Zelda and Zelda-likes while not excluding people that don’t own a Nintendo console. Plus, the just-announced One X upgrades kinda make me want to play them again.

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I just wanted to second that. I feel this game got a lot of flak for not being ‘Bastion 2’. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s got an aesthetic, a message, and it’s just an overall original idea.


Tokyo Jungle?
Would be a total departure from games previously covered
Might be fun to unpack
Loved this when it first came out, loved it.


I’m a broken record but…
Dark :clap: Souls :clap:

Re :clap: Mas :clap: ter’d :clap:

On a more serious note I’d like to see them revisit a semi-old and not oft discussed stealth platformer Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
The series reviewed quite well at the time, and got a well packaged trilogy remaster in '10, but after SP broke big with the Infamous games I never see these classics brought up.
I guess it doesn’t help that Sly 4 was a big let-down.

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