Games for Waypoint 101


‘The Cat Lady’


Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) Xbox 360, PC, PS2 + others. One of the most dumb stories with some good FMVs. Actually racing is fun but the majority of fun comes from the Police chases. The AI is brutal, the score ramps up and the risk Vs reward is intoxicating. Would be a fun Waypoint 101 to listen to for the anecdotes alone.


Mario Kart Double Dash (Gamecube)
Only Mario Kart with co-op style racing…I’ve got a lot of curiosity about his one because it’s the only one of the series I’ve never played.

Tokyo Jungle (ps3 but I think it’s on playstation now)
Mentioning it again, the gameplay is very simple but something about it really grabbed me. There’s a story mode that’s good/weird with some unfortunate stealth stuff, and a mode where you just try and survive as different animals.

Little Kings Story (Wii and PC)
Strategy game that combines kingdom management and Pikmin style exploring/fighting. Goes to some very unexpected and weird places.

Wild Card
Ripened Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love (DS)
This ones hard because it never got an english release but it’s such a weird, charming game. Point and Click style adventure game loosely based on the Wizard of Oz (Tingle is Dorothy). There’s time travel mechanics, dating game through bribery (or more like bribing women to tolerate Tingles presence).


I know Austin is known for his existing coverage of it, and I’m sure I’ve heard Danielle talk about it (and Patrick) but it seems like Gone Home would be ripe for revisiting? Maybe Gone Home and one or two other “walking sims?” It would be fascinating to hear points of comparison and to hear what Natalie and Rob think.


i humbly request that Waypoint summon up the power of the God Hand


Now I’m not going to say this is a great idea, or even a good idea necessarily, but it is an idea.

Princess Maker 2


After relistening to the “Episode 155: Top Ten (Or Twenty),” I’m really curious about King Of Dragon Pass.


I’m going to recommend Iconoclasts for the next 101, partly because I played an hour of it months ago and need to go back to it but there’s also quite a few valid reasons I think it’d make a great topic for discussion.

It’s a platformer - there hasn’t been a 101 on any yet
Political themes - from what little I played and a quick google, it seems going for some Orwellian type plot which is most likely relevant to today, after all it was released this year
Labour - while labour has been discussed a lot recently it often seems to focus on larger, higher budget games whereas Iconoclasts was mostly made by one person over 7 years


I would love to see a 101 on Grim Fandango! Just finished playing the remaster and there’s lots of good dev commentary in that version, plus it’s the 20th anniversary of the original release!


Unfortunately, the Steam version is a trash translation with terrible font work that destroys the game’s presentation. If you have to do PM2, you have to do it illegally with the never released Eggsoft localization.


I’m gonna throw out some weird shit without reading the thread to try and contribute to getting away from shooters.

  • Final Fantasy VII. Yeah, groan, but I really mean it. It changed console game expectations and budgets forever. There’s a remake in the works. It starts out with underclass revolutionary violence against a kleptocracy to try and save the Earth. Could anything be more timely?

  • Persona 5, speaking of radicals, but you don’t have a spare 100 hours.

  • Loom, a Lucasfilm PC adventure game. Playable in an evening, apparently. Absolutely beautiful, fascinating, fantasy. I will just copy paste this from Wikipedia: “The events of the game are preceded by a 30-minute audio drama.” It came on a cassette with the game. Apparently the FM Towns version is the best, there was also a PC CD-ROM release but it was abridged dialogue so don’t do that one.

  • Technobabylon

  • Civilization IV: Fall From Heaven 2 mod (hey you wanted weird ideas)

  • Detective Pikachu! ( :smiley: )

  • I guess you could always do Planescape Torment.


Came here to say Jagged Alliance 2, wasn’t thinking …in. the. slightest. anyone else would suggest it or even favor this idea.

So +1 for JA2

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This might be a bit too recent, but I just finished playing Wondersong on the Swtich and came away from it with a renewed sense of optimism. I would love to hear everyone’s take on the events that happen in the game, the twists, and if they felt the story to be in earnest or a little too naive?

On top of all that, it’s a very accessible game in price and required ability. There was a few times where I did get stuck on something, but it was due to a overlooked detail or didn’t understand the solution. Even then, getting unstuck was though finding the answer by making an interesting mistake.

As for time commitment, I want to say that my playthrough was about 6hrs? It could of been much shorter but I spent some extra time retracing my steps to look for additional dialog between characters. I really loved my time in it though and would love to see this game get more attention.


People have said this earlier in the thread, but I just want to say I think Heaven Will Be Mine (or a double feature of HWBM with We Know The Devil) would be such a great 101. It would be like my ideal episode.


When Rob and Natalie revealed that they were both watching Twin Peaks for the first time on Waypoints I developed a need to know their thoughts on Deadly Premonition.

I can understand not wanting to do it because it’s another shooter so I’ll recommend Trails in the Sky. It’s a five chapter game that takes roughly 40 hours, so it would probably need multiple episodes, but it’s cleanly broken up into a prologue and four chapters so that can split into two or four episodes pretty easily. I know it’s such an Austin game and he’ll probably never play it without a work related excuse to do so.

When they said they wanted to maybe do a co-op game my first thought was Divinity Original Sin, but Stardew Valley is also a good option now that it has multiplayer.

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Here are some suggestions for Waypoint 101

Expeditions: Conquistador is game that is good tactical RPG and would provoke massive amounts of discussions since you play as Conquistadors and can have literal racists in your party.

  • Jagged alliance 2: one of if not the best squad based tactical games and it would be interesting to see them compare it to their play through of War of the Chosen.

  • Warframe Austin has talked about trying to get into this very dense game and making it a feature would give him an excuse to do it.

  • Fallout 1 with release of Fallout 76 and its seeming abandonment of Fallouts core tenets, it would be cool to see it revisited and it is not super long.

  • Dragon Age 2: It is a very interesting failure that could provoke a lot of good discussion.


yo lets all just play detective pikachu


RONIN is like… mark of the ninja but with a focus on the sword and also turn based? it’s a flawed game but a super interesting mechanical premise

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I’m actually really surprised that Wandersong seemed to have gone past a lot of people, considering the game’s subject and tone.

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JA2 is a pretty great idea.

Also I had “SNES or Genesis Shadowrun” on my list and took it off, but seeing Austin’s recent set of tweets: Genesis Shadowrun.

Or just get all the people to finish Dragonfall who didn’t! Deserved to be a two-parter! (continues yelling as the mods drag me away)

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