Games for Waypoint 101

it’s absolutely worth the price of admission. Last I checked, the mobile version is slightly more up-to-date. that may have changed, though.

It’s a FANTASTIC game though. I does an incredible job of worldbuilding and making things engaging. I cannot recommend it enough.

In think that it and Six Ages are the closest video games have ever come to genuinely replicating the feeling of tabletop experiences. It helps that Glorantha is not nearly as overexposed as a lot of other traditional PnP worlds.


Playing through Sunset Overdrive right now, THIS GAME IS A LOT. It’s about 10 hours long according to HLTB, and its really winning in a lot of ways (the architectural design and traversal is excellent), but it also does some BAD stuff (cw substance abuse, ableism, rockstar-esque-satire in places), and it has me conflicted enough to wanna hear people talk about it critically for a month or so.

Also it came out in 2014 and feels like it’s a decade older than it is.

  • Catherine (once the remaster is out in 2019):
    On its release is 2011 I fell in love with Catherine because it was surreal, daring, and unique, but in hindsight it has a lot of glaringly obvious problems that my younger self paid little attention to. If criticism like the piece Carol Grant wrote for Waypoint in 2017 existed at the time, I didn’t know about it. Now with a remaster of Catherine due, which includes new content, this seems like the perfect time to reevaluate the game. This remaster is going to be both a time capsule of the original game’s ideas, but the new content will also show how much the creator’s views have changed (if at all) in the last 8 years. Maybe it’ll be too repugnant for anyone to want to visit/revist, but I would appreciate the discussion, even if it ends up being a shorter WPR conversation.

  • Cave Story

  • Cibele
    I’d love to hear what ya’ll think about games as autobiographies. Also it’s pretty short.

  • Kentucky Route Zero (once the 5th episode is out)

  • Ladykiller In A Bind

  • The Mark Of The Ninja

  • Off-Peak / The Norwood Suite
    These two are by the same devs, and are both pretty short.

  • OneShot
    A really great story-based RPGMaker game. It’s not really fair to compare it to Undertale but people do, so maybe it could be an alternative to replaying that game.

  • Open Sorcery
    An IF/twine game about technology and magic, created by Abigail Corfman.

  • Pony Island

  • Psychonauts: An all-time favorite of mine that I’d love to revisit. I wonder how the writing holds up, as well its depictions of mental illness.

  • SOMA

  • Stories Untold
    A really smart text-based horror game with presentation far beyond your typical IF/twine games.

  • VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

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Gonna add a game i haven’t personally gotten around to playing but am supremely fascinated by: Vangers. an open world racing rpg set on an alien planet.

from what i’ve seen of it, it’s an incredibly weird, surreal game. i would love for the crew to get together and dig into it.

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Can they please do Gravity Rush 2? Incredible world building, becoming an anarchist revolutionary, killer soundtrack, extremely badass cast of female characters with strong queer undertones, very unique and overlooked game.


Patrick and Austin discussed Gravity Rush 2 at length very early in Waypoint Radio’s history, so it might be a long shot on this one, unfortunately. They both really, really liked it though! And of course it would be great to have the whole crew pitch in on the discussion.


Ah, I didn’t know! I only started listening early this year. I’ll have to go back and find that episode.

They also did a letter series between Patrick and Austin. that digs into some of the political undertones:


They really should play the original Nier. It’s such an amazing and underrated gem. With all of the gushing love for Automata (vastly OVERRATED) I think it’d be interesting to hear opinions on the differences and similarities.

So here’s me pitching a childhood favorite of mine as well as the kind of weird, off the beaten path type games that Waypoint 101 podcast seems to like to dip their toes into every now and again.

Megaman Battle Network

I saw someone earlier in the thread mention Battle Network as a rec, and I’ll second that, I’ve only played 5 and 6, but both of those are good, 3 is also a good one from what I’ve seen and all of the games should be available on the Wii U virtual console, imperfect solution that this is. It’s got:

  • Unique battle mechanic, it’s essentially a deckbuilding game with action rpg elements (Don’t be like kid me and make an alphabet soup loadout, just do monocode. You’ll know what that means if you end up playing it).
  • This game is an interesting looking at an early 2000s imagination of a near future-ish society where the internet is central to society. Megaman Battle Network accidentally predicted the internet of everything.
  • It’s light, goofy and the games are somewhere between 20-30 hours to play.
  • There’s not really any game like it in terms of gameplay and it never really made an impact in the sense that no-one aside from capcom (halfheartedly with the star force games) tried to follow up on these games. That said there is an game that I can’t recall the name of that directly took inspiration from the battle mechanics.
  • It’s got good music.
  • Did you know you can fit the human soul inside a batch file?

I would like to hear Waypoint’s take on We Know the Devil and/or Heaven Will Be Mine. I also think they could really dig into a lot with Christine Love’s games. While I haven’t played enough of Digital: A Love Story or Hate+ to speak to them, and haven’t played Ladykiller in a Bind at all, Analogue: A Hate Story is heavy, but has a lot to say, and some neat gameplay elements for a visual novel. (Trigger warnings in that game for torture, misogyny, chronic illness, homophobia, suicide, and maybe other things I’m not remembering.)

Don’ Take It Personally, Babe, It’s Just Not Your Story is even heavier, and I hesitate to recommend it, but I feel like it’s extremely dense and it would be an excellent game to unpack. (Trigger warnings for homophobia, paedophilia, I think suicide and misogyny as well? It’s been a long time since I last played it.)

A game that isn’t so intentionally dark but still has problems due to its setting and premise is Neo Atlas 1469, which is apparently on Switch and PC, if my googling serves right. It’s a game about cartography and trading, beginning in 1469 Portrugal, in which you can shape the world - literally - based upon your decisions. While it’s been really interesting and fun in some ways, there’s obviously a lot to say about where the game centres its world and the implications of the “white Europeans discover new lands” narrative the game runs with. I haven’t “finished” it, per se, in terms of completing the world map, and I think it took me more than ten hours to complete the big goal you’re given of finding Japan (Zipangu, as the game calls it - also worth noting I believe it’s a Japanese-developed game?), but ten hours should certainly be enough to experience the broad flow of gameplay and encounter all the primary mechanics at play.


Vanquish for an early 2019 Waypoint 101

“Full disclosure, we initially wanted to do Vanquish.” These are the words of one Austin Walker at the 1 minute, 41 seconds mark of the audio file WP_VIDEO_GAME_BOOK_CLUB_EPISODE_1.mp3, aka Waypoint 101’s pilot episode on Binary Domain. 18 months has past as the time of this post, and you all have not done Vanquish yet. While Vanquish is indeed a shooter as it is about “lining up the sights and pulling a trigger” in nature, I still would love to hear Waypoint crew’s take on Platinum’s only shooter under the shadow of Trump. Let’s see how Vanquish fare against the 5 requirements that made Mark of Ninja stand out.

1.Shorter is better. Vanquish is definitely on the short side. I remember finally diving into Bayonetta just because Vanquish felt bit too short back in 2010. My replay on PC took me under 5 hours without skipping cut scenes. I believe this would be a replay for most of Waypoint crew, so it would not take up too much time during next year’s first wave of new releases.

2.Controller support. The PC port of Vanquish got it, pretty well I might add.

3.Not a shooter. Well, Vanquish won’t hang according to this one, so allow me to provide an alternative argument. 2019 would mark the 40th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, both as an animated series and a multimedia franchise. Titular mecha of the animated series is sometimes referred to as “white devil”(白い悪魔, shi ro i a ku ma), since it is a powerful weapon prototype thus seemingly demonic, and it come in white. The Augmented Reaction Suit in Vanquish share such characters, which in turn makes Vanquish the best game to play as “white devil” outside and even inside the Gundam franchise. So if you are reading this, Dr. Walker, please do Vanquish, not only because you kind of promise it at the beginning of Waypoint 101, but also for Gundam’s anniversary please.

4.Platform availability. This is a tricky one. Vanquish is only available on 3 platforms, 2 last generation consoles Xbox 360 and PS3 plus PC. The PC system requirement is not low in my personal experience. I underwent an upgrade between purchasing the game on Steam and actually playing through it. My rig before that upgrade can run NieR: Automata relatively well but frame rate just kept going down during session with Vanquish. So unless you are willing to dust off old consoles or have a beefy gaming PC, this one is not for you.

5.Finally, not just a big Western AAA dev again. Platinum Games is certainly not Western, while whether they are AAA or not is debatable.

So, here you go, this is my reasons to have Vanquish for an early Waypoint 101 next year, for you all’s consideration.

I want to bring Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to the attention, because I know it was briefly mentioned in WP Radio and brought up as a Waypoint 101 option during a conversation about Odyssey a few weeks ago. I made a case for this game in this thread, and I would be very interested to hear what the gang’s gonna have to say about it ^^

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Very late reply, but damn, that was great. I gotta replay that game soon. Thank you for linking it to me!

Hear me out on this because I know it goes against everything:

Sniper Elite 4

It’s surprisingly the first game I’ve played that took a shot at MGS5’s style of open world stealth gameplay albeit without as big a budget but every trick, polish, and proper management to get the most out of that budget and it seats itself comfortably in a genre of mid-20th Century pulp comic books that I think is rather unexplored and it perhaps does so as an excuse for it’s not terribly deep plot that doesn’t actually matter that much as it’s definitely not what your here for because, baby, you want some Nazi killing catharsis? It’s gotcha Nazi killing catharsis with detailed slow-mo shots of rifle bullets drilling through the organs and bones of fascists and provoking thoughts of “yeah, this is probably what we were all imagining vis a vis gratuitous video game violence but at the same time, they are virtual Nazis and Italian fascists.”

Hey, so… Is Waypoint 101 still a thing? It’s been about two months since Mark of the Ninja and the podcast schedule is a bit overwhelming (there’s a new episode pretty much every other day now). Is the crew still doing this?

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I’m wondering the same thing. I really hope WP101 isn’t dead, I enjoy taking part! If the issue is that the games are too obscure, let’s do an easy one this time. It seems everyone is playing Apex anyway, so why not that be the next one?

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Actually, in that vein, Titanfall 2 might be a good pick?


I like that idea. TF2’s campaign is so good and I remember their approach to it being quite refreshing and novel at the time.
I know Natalie’s been playing it, and while it’s currently on sale at least in the UK it’s been cheap at times on origin, additionally it’s a pretty short experience.

Anyway, missing 101 too, although the Be Good and Rewatch it, Waypoints and Lore Reasons features have kind of functioned as mini 101s in the meantime, which imo is cool.

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They should pick something weirder. Patapon.

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