Games for Waypoint 101


I think this is a good idea. Maybe not as a hard rule, but as a general guideline. And on a similar note (although this one may be obvious), it should probably be games that are comparatively easy to acquire (legally).

Sorry on both counts, Panzer Dragoon Saga.


I am also 100% down with games that can be completed in under 10 hours at a push. Like, Dark Souls 2 is on the cards if literally everyone has to speedrun it.


I’d second Psychonauts (so I have an excuse to get around to it) and Oxenfree

I’d also love to see some non-Metal Gear Kojima stuff like Zone of the Enders and Snatcher


Early 2000s gem Clive Barker’s Undying. Through the lens of what it presaged and how it may influenced games like Bioshock later.

Like the singularity and alpha protocol suggestions.

It’s probably too long but would love to see Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura.


Zone of the Enders I’d say would have to be done alongside it’s sequel, since the jump between the two is such a huge leap that I feel like it’s a great talking point. Like, even if the first game is a bit naff right up until the end(there’s one for the "games that finish better than they start thread), there’s nothing else like finishing the first game and jumping straight into the second and just going “JESUS CHRIST” at how vastly improved it is.


Everyone is saying Psychonauts but we should do Schafer’s other underrated classic Brutal Legend which I may have already done a play through last year, but still I’d like to have a discussion about it. Basically any of his games would probably work though.


Agreed, also I heard that they’re both quite short.


And both Zone of the Enders have utterly amazing soundtracks that people need to seriously talk about more often


What are peoples current opinion on how narrative-focused a game suggestion should be? I think one of the key parts of this series is the idea that everyone should try to finish the game, so games which have driving narratives are the obvious ones that gain the most from being able to talk about their entirety: beginning, middles and end.

That said, games which have interesting evolutions of mechanics the further you go in might also be fun to suggest. Something like Spore (which, admittedly is probably a bit long for now) might be fun to check out despite the limited plot because very few people probably experienced all the mechanical stages of that game (I certainly didn’t). [I’m not necessarily suggesting Spore, it was just the first example I thought of that is mechanically variable throughout].


I think limiting this to something strictly narrative is a bad idea. Doing a deep dive on a mechanics heavy game and having a discussion about that would be really cool. Spore is actually a great example, considering how that game was marketed and what it turned out to be.

I also put a lot of time in to Spore, so I would love to hear some more “academic” (for lack of a better term) discussion about it.


Silent Hill 2 would be an excellent one imo
The controls haven’t aged too well, but the atmosphere and story are still among the best in horror gaming.


Zeno Clash First person beat em up from a team out of Chile. Cool action while being kind of weird.


A few people mentioned Freelancer and Freespace.

I would love an excuse to talk with y’all about freelancer or freespace. I sorely miss the narrative-focused space sims that Freespace represents, and Freelancer is extremely interesting as a kind of transition between those narrative games (i.e. Wing Commander) and the modern sandbox space sim. (And I have a copy of Freelancer, so that part’s easy! … after I fix or replace my jammed disc drive.)


The Fall would be neat - it’s fiveish hour sci fi adventure game (?) that does some neat stuff with AI sentience and self-modification. It also manages not to be repetitive even if you’ve read/watched/played lots of other things that share its themes. It’s compellingly flawed, got super overlooked, and has a sequel coming out at… some point soonish?


Completely off-the-wall suggestion: Sonic Adventure. No, really.

If you want an ambitious game that fell well short of what it was aiming for, but still had some interesting things going on, I think it’s a solid pick.


This would actually be a great discussion, SA1 is sorta this “beginning of the decline” for the Sonic fans, but there’s a great deal of ideas that game toys with, despite its failures. It’d also be a great way to discuss what worked about 2D Sonic games (haters be damned) and what went wrong with the transition to 3D. That all being said, if they’re gonna discuss a 3D Sonic, I’d much prefer them take SA2 to task. It’s the one with all the best jams (looking at you “Pumpkin Hill” rap), and introduces the dark harbinger of things to come with Shadow’s crew.


Also, considering Danielle’s love of intricate level design, Metroid Prime really should be a must for any discussion of 3D spaces from first person camera angles. It also was arguably one of the first places to feature a “detective mode” and an “aim-down-sights” mechanic to ease controller aiming.


I dunno, SA2 focuses down a lot from the much wider scope of the first, so I recon it’d be the better choice. Plus SA1 has E-102’s storyline, which you could 100% transpose into Nier Automata and it would probably feel MORE fitting.

Also don’t you act like Shadow the Hedgehog isn’t a genuine masterpiece. You fool. You imbecile.


Lord, I forgot about E-102! For occupying such a small amount of actual game time, Big the Cat really destroyed my actual memory of the damn thing. That and the final battle against The giant water snake monster with the rockin’ tunes, and its alright Chao garden stuff are pretty much the only memories I still have of it.



I have been dying for Austin to talk about Pathologic for YEARS.