Games for Waypoint 101


I posted earlier, but I thought of more games I’d like to see :grimacing:

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

  • Maybe it’s lacking deep themes that would create interesting discussion, but shit, it takes the LA Noire idea, removes the needless gunfights, and makes interesting cases to solve. Honestly I was hoping it’d be the future of detective games, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

  • Good catalyst for a discussion on how middle tier games can find success, with its focused design. Also, it’s unreliable narrator is super cool and I’m sad I hadn’t seen it in other games.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

  • This is just a real good cyberpunk story and I want to hear people talk about it.

Remember Me

  • See Dragonfall

Alpha Protocol

  • Okay, this is a long’un. But I have to throw it in if I’m being honest with myself. But the only real discussion to have now is “why didn’t anyone steal some of these ideas?”


It may be just a bit too long (since you’d need to get at least endings A and B) but getting the waypoint’s crew take on Nier would be neat.
I would also suggest Fran Bow. It’s a thematically very rich adventure game about a little girl in a psychiatric hospital, which would provide more than enough to talk about and can be finished in under 10 hours.


Can we pick a game that I already own but not played/finished yet? BD was like that. K, tnx, bye!

But, seriously, there are a couple of games I wouldn’t mind additional push to beat:

  • Anodyne — Zelda-like with Danielle recommendation.
  • Batman: The Telltale Series — different (from other games) take on a character.
  • Deadly Premonition — you know, that one. Maybe too long.
  • Else Heart.Break() — another weird one. Again, longer than 10 hours.
  • Evoland 1/2 — finished first one, alright look at history of (j)RPGs. Second one is long.
  • SOMA — no one mentioned that? Really?! It screams Austin/Danielle/Rob bait! Maybe too similar to BD though.
  • Transistor — I don’t really like the combat, but maybe story wort it anyway.
  • Vangers — weirdest of them all. Played it millions years ago, didn’t finished. Put it in just to see if anyone knows what it is :slight_smile:
  • I would rather wait for full remake of Pathologic.

All of them on Steam, BTW. And a couple from GOG:

  • Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 — three games in one.
  • Clive Barker’s Undyingmentioned already.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade — Redemption — everyone knows Bloodlines, but there was one VtM game before.

So, again, I would rather play something new, but would vote for better game (in a context of a 101) regardless.


Y’all should play Child of Light. It’s a good game, is about 10 hours long, and is flawed in interesting ways.


My only reason for not mentioning SOMA is it has already been discussed a fair amount already by many people. I think the important question is whether Waypoint 101 is about discussing games that may have been missed by a lot of people and didn’t get many proper discussions, or a chance to do spoilercasts on games people are generally too afraid of spoiling to go deep into on most podcasts.


@Glorgu Good point, but there are great let’s plays and in-depth overviews of Alpha Protocol, Gunslinger and Remember Me out there too. I mean, yes, if it was discussed to death already (like original Doom, for example), it’s kinda wasteful to do 101 episode about it. But, I would argue, that we need to look at Venn diagram of availability/price (so many people can participate), “freshness” (as in no one talked about it before), and “waypointness” (is there something interesting specifically for crew and community of this website), when we picking games for 101. Is SOMA in a center of that diagram? No, not really. But still a good contender, methinks.

I don’t think that anyone really “afraid of spoiling” anything nowadays, it’s more of a question of, sadly, traffic: how many people would watch/read/listen to that? But since we picking game for 101 beforehand in a book club style, we kinda sidestepping that problem to some degree.


Alpha Protocol isn’t TOO long for a Waypoint 101 I think. It’s like 20 hours for a completionist playthrough in my experience.

I just really want more people to talk about Obsidian games in general honestly.


There’s something about Obsidian games… wasn’t a huge South Park fan but I really like their ideas.


Wasn’t it the normally mild mannered Brad Shoemaker himself who went off about how terribly inconsistent and clunky the meter of the games rhyming dialogue is? I could see that being a huge turnoff.


I don’t recall that specific instance but it seems possible, the rhyming is one of the weirder flaws


I vote KOTOR 2…I’m really in the mood to replay that and discuss it!



I feel like it fits the vibe of the kind of obscure title Waypoint 101 should be bringing to the forefront, much like it did with Binary Domain.

You’re Noah’s ancestor, sent by god to take down a group of fallen angels who ahve been spreading knowledge & consorting with humans, its a DMC/okami style 3rd person character action game, (I believe it was made by the art direcotr of okami?) with a surpringly light & subtle touch when it comes to the narrative. Also it’s pretty short.

Also please look at this boss & his faux-Prince theme song


I very much support the plan to favour sub 15 hour games. Being able to play Binary Domain in a couple of days and actually know what the crew were talking about was great.

I also think trying to vary tone and type of game is a good idea. I enjoy shooters so playing another directly after BD wouldn’t bother me too much. On the other hand I don’t have much stomach for horror, can’t imagine playing multiple scary games back to back, and imagine there are those who feel the same about any other given mechanic or genre.

Specific things I like to replay or have an excuse to finally check out:

2064: Read Only Memories
Jet Set Radio
Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol


I’m not sure if the goal of Waypoint 101 is to replay things or to visit games from that past that most of the staff has not played, but, especially in light of the release of Automata, I think Nier Gestalt would be a great one. I’d love to revisit that game myself, and hear it discussed.

e: actually maybe that’s not a good suggestion since it’s longer and you need a PS3 or 360 to play it. Hope Square greenlights a port/remaster/whatever


I love, love, love KOTOR 2… but it’s also way longer than we have to play a game right now.


It was already mentioned earlier in the thread but E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy is such a great weird game that I think could be talked about.

Nightmare House 2 is one of the best HL2 mods and iirc tried really hard to be on par with FEAR. Which could lead to an interesting discussion on is this how you should approach doing a fan game? Do you go for a homage rather than using the same title and characters?


Nightmare House 2 is still one of the best action-horror games I’ve ever played, though granted I don’t play much in the genre. Still, it is belting, and it’s gotta hold some sort of award for the sheer number of significant Easter Eggs in there.


Pathologic and The Void are both incredibly bold experiments by Ice-Pick Lodge; they’re flawed, but fascinating, and there’s a hell of a lot to analyze and pore over in them.


Mark of the Ninja! Probably my favorite stealth game ever, with some really lovely art reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. Klei entertainment has been one of my favorite indie studios for years and the diversity of genres they’ve tackled in their games is really impressive.


Another game club podcast, Abnormal Mapping just did an episode on Kotor2 like a week and a half ago. If you’re looking for something to scratch that discussion itch by all means try that. It’s a pretty regularly good podcast but I can’t vouch for the Kotor2 episode in particular though as I have yet to listen to it.