Games for Waypoint 101


Here another one: Consortium. It supposed to be “indie Deus Ex”, where you talk a lot, and can avoid combat altogether. Pretty short, on Windows only.


Indie Deux Ex makes it sound a hell of a lot less interesting than it actually is to be honest.

I’d go for “Interactive Star Trek Episode with a side of multidimensional framing device”.


I used to have a copy of Vangers that I bought in a bargain bin. I never made it past the very first bit because I was awful at the game, but I still loved it. Everyone needs to experience Vangers at some point in their lives. If the cars didn’t control like crap it would be the greatest game of all time. It might still be.


Really? That’s cool too!

As I said, I didn’t played games I’m suggesting here, so not sure how accurate my descriptions are. It just reminded me of Warren Spector’s “One Block Role-Playing Game” idea.


Still have my mouse pad :­)


I want to second Freedom Cry. I thought Adewale was such a great character and I enjoyed how he was mechanically different (machete and blunderbuss) from previous Assassins. It’s also not very long.


SWAT 4? I guess it’s not really available widely except to a PC audience.


Oh, really? I’m gonna check that out! Thanks!


Hey Waypointers,
Are there any updates on when this vote will happen?


I hope they announce something for August!


Dark Souls - I know it’s kind of a running joke among games press with “It’s like Dark Souls” or “x game is the Dark Souls of x” but I feel like rarely does the actual game get discussed beyond its base mechanics and how new games are like it. (of course depending on how well you know the game or whether they use a walkthrough or not it might be too long for this feature.)

or Dark Souls II - Mostly because that discussion would be a trip, but also because I’ve been playing it again recently after EpicNameBro dove back into it and doing so gave me more of an appreciation of it as a unique entry to the series rather than “blah, this is far worse than Dks1!”

Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves - To me this game feels greatly over-looked when it comes to great mascot platformers (or in this case a stealth game), and it’s one of my favourites. Sucker Punch did good shit before Infamous.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut - I didn’t play the original version but from the differences I’ve seen it plays a lot better and has some extra scenes. Charming game despite glaring flaws and stilted animations, and I’ll advice strongly against playing the PC version, it crashes so often it’s a wonder they got it through certification.

I realise all of these are pretty long games besides Sly though, so this list probably isn’t worth much for the start of this feature. Frankly I’m more interested when a game I have never played comes up because it’s far more interesting giving those a shot myself.


Original Syphon Filter. You could tazor people and if you held it down long enough they’d catch on fire. Gabe Logan was a national hero.

But seriously, the original Tomb Raider.


I would love them to play Dark Souls II, if only because I want to hear Austin talk about how fucking great Dark Souls II is some more. It never gets old! Also it is 100% correct!


It’s soooo long, is the problem!


Yeah I know it is way too long. Another time, or at least another show.


I wish I still had my 360. I remember I was amped when alpha protocol was coming out. Then all the reviews came out and I was convinced it was bad. I guess this is another example of how reviews are not good.


What about one of the Dead Space games?


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger! A game I feel never got the attention it deserved. Nice look, great shooting, pretty funny writing, cool narrative structure. Always disappointed at how few western games there are, but at least there’s a few gems like this one.


You know what’s a good game? Pokémon Snap.

It’s pretty dang unique, and fairly short. I think it’s also available on Virtual Console?


With your current pace, we can finish the whole series before next episode.

What. :­)