Games for Waypoint 101


I have to say, after the events of this past weekend, The New Order just got a huge boost in reasons for us to play it…


Came here to say Wolfenstein The New Order too. I just redownloaded it and I think it would be a good and cathartic pick. Plus with the new one coming out a lot of people might have missed this one that want to be caught up.


Well, good news to @Roses and @rwhansen74 (along with @Cory, @Kyonashi, and @CaptainMorton)! The next game for Waypoint 101 is, in fact, Wolfenstein: The New Order!


Looks like Major Nelson is a big Waypoint fan, because Zombi is free for January Games with Gold!

Also, anybody down for some Army of Two coop?


I wonder if everyone could do Doki Doki Literature club? Like how they feel about Visual novels and the game’s themes.


For what it was I remember the original Army of Two being a ton of fun, still remember its great gun and mask customisability and its approach to surfacing the concept of “aggro” to the player.

Still have the disc but too bad I have no power cable to my 360, it would probably not have cross-console play anyway despite technically being the same game version.


Actually, you can play backwards compatible games online between a 360 and Xbox One. Worst case, I can always lug out my 360 if there are any issues. If you can get your 360 hooked up I’m definitely up for making this happen. I’ve been in a mood for a dumb 360-era shooter.


Oh, that’s cool to hear!
Unfortunately that’s unlikely, had a period earlier this year where I was on the lookout for resellers that sold cables that fit my original EU version with no luck.

I might get an xbone or just get a replacement 360 when I have enough disposable money to throw at those, just so I can play my box of 360 games. (only reason I haven’t before is most of those I’ve re-bought on steam, hah)


Are they actually going to play ZOMBI? Should I grab it for 6€ now that’s on sale on Steam?

It honestly doesn’t look that great to me at first glance.


When the final episode drops I think the crew would do an amazing analysis/discussion of Kentucky Route Zero.


I don’t know if you ever purchased Zombi, but I just started it up. Two hours in, it’s actually started to get its hooks into me. Granted, it’s quite ugly and the story is dumb, but the survival aspects and the threat of permadeath of your current character (with an ensuing corpse run for your next character) is actually pretty compelling. It tries to be a zombie-Dark Souls, and while it falls short of that mark, it’s still pretty interesting.


I’ve tried to go back through this thread to see if anyone else has already suggested this, but I’d love to hear an episode about Inside. One of the most enjoyably bonkers games I’ve ever played.


Question, is the team ok with playing bad games?


They have to be bad-but-interesting. Like I could see a Phantasmagoria 101 or something.

But honestly, it’s also tough to make sure people book time to do these revisits. Even for games that are good or okay, we’re busy folks and it’s tough to power through something your’e not enjoying. So I’d say pick your cult / camp classics carefully, or we’ll have a hard time getting people in a place where they’ll play enough to podcast about.


Ok, I was thinking of suggesting Dante Inferno but not sure if it maybe to obvious of it failings.


Question, does Waypoint 101 have to always be narratively driven games? Like, could we do something like Burnout Paradise or Puyo Puyo Tetris (as examples)?

EDIT: Or if we do narrative games, let’s get weird with it. I’m down to analyze Spike Lee’s story mode in NBA 2K16.


100 percent we could do that.


Oh listening to the Metro episode really made me wish you guys would take a look at Cryostasis the game pitched as “russian Bioshock”. It’s such an beautiful, ambitious but flawed game that I think you could have a really interesting discussion about it.


Since you’ve made a point to keep it to one episode and don’t make it a requirement to finish the game…

With its recent resurgence, being free on ps+, and having a currently running WP playthrough, it wouldn’t be the worst choice. I’ve also noticed the narrative based games as a trend, and while Bloodborne shines through in its gameplay and level design, I also think the story and lore is fascinating.
(I’d also argue that while it’s easy to find yourself milling around or grinding levels in between bosses, it’s not actually that super long of a game if you have a handle on where to go and what’s optional or not)

I know the crew has made their feelings known about souls games on 101’s but I suppose with the new format I just wanted to float that idea again.


Dark Souls 2 over Bloodborne I say. That’ll make for better listening and a better discussion I feel. Not that more fawning over Bloodborne’s majesty wouldn’t be a good time, but I need an excuse to make a character powerstanding the Silverback Sickle and the Craftsman’s Hammer.