Games for Waypoint 101


I would LOVE this. I don’t know how much you’d get out of the NBA 2k16 story that isn’t pure comedy but the concept of a deep dive into that ridiculous thing is amazing to me.

(of course, theres the Beastcast bit where Alex Navarro goes into it that everyone should listen to because it’s amazing:

EDIT: I would actually really like to see some discussion about BioShock 2, but more specifically Minerva’s Den. Reasonable length, it’s ties to the whole “walking simulator” thing would be interesting to examine at this point so far removed from Gone Home. Also it’s just a really great micro-BioShock 2 that works super well.


I’d be interested if Rob would play one, because I don’t think he has, and, this is not really the place for the Dark Souls II discourse, but, I kind of want Rob to have a good first impression…


I did think One, but with the remaster being so close I feel The DS1 Discourse will return in full force then anyway. Thus if a Souls game were to be 101ed, I’d go for the one that didn’t recently have a bit of a boost already like Bloodborne, that isn’t the most recent one(as Brill as it is), and that’s known for being polarising. And is also The Best One. Hence, 2.


I’d be interested in looks at the odd ones out in series, like Zelda II for instance.


So it was mentioned in the last episode about maybe doing more uplifting games.

  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater

  • Jet Set Radio

  • Saints Row 3

  • Sonic Mania

Others I’m just throwing out there

  • Shadowrun Dragonball

  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

  • Cave Story

  • Alpha Protocol

  • Max Payne

  • F.E.A.R.

  • Alan Wake

  • Bully

It’s kind of a shame that multiplayer focused games have to essentially be written off. I think there’s a really good conversation to be had about BF 1942, BF 2, and 2142 but the truth is even if you got into a match today it’s never going to capture the feeling a lot of us had playing these games years ago.

  1. What?
  2. Yes!


A slightly awkward request because it’s only on DS and iOS, but Ghost Trick is a gorgeous, colourful and well written game. It’s got Ace Attorney lineage, but it’s a bit better streamlined puzzle-wise. There’s wonderful 3D animation, and great writing.

I think it’d be a good change of pace from the previous games, if a few of the hosts have the capacity to pick it up.


Planescape Torment (this will not happen but it is nice to dream)


4am autocorrect has invented a new cult classic


Honest to god? I think a Waypoint 101 on like, Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts II would be really interesting. Y’all might not enjoy it, but the sheer weirdness of the whole thing mechanically and uh, fictionally? Makes me think everyone would have some unique things to say about it. Though, of course, those games are fairly long.


I endorse this for reasons definitely unrelated to the fact that I’m marathoning 1.5 + 2.5 HD right now.


How do I second this decision? No, like the actual choice. I want Dragonfall!


Yeah, honestly, there’s long games and then there’s long games. KH seems to be right on that border, but given that literally none of us were even able to get all the way through Metro, I worry that a 101 on KH (with no one on staff having ever finished it to guide convo) will just be an uninformed mess.


Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts?

Came up before in that thread about sequels that really changed up the formula. Would be fun to get your impressions on it.

I don’t remember it being terribly time consuming unless you get sucked into the vehicle creator.

I was watching the Ghost in the Shell series at the time this first came out and wanted to make a working Tachicoma in the creator. total time suck.


SR: Dragonfall is very good.

SR: Hong Kong is also very good. I didn’t realize it at the time I played it, but it was really important to me to see a vision of the future (even the corporate nightmare that is Shadowrun’s timeline) that wasn’t white-centric.


That’s extremely valid (cyberpunk that says Asia takes over the world only to have a cast full of white people is such a bad look) but time and again I’ve heard that Dragonfall has the better story. Then again I still haven’t finished Hong Kong and a 101 would definitely incentivize me.

Sleeping Dogs for Waypoint 101.

Weipoint 101


I think Dragonfall is a bit more tightly written and paced, but I’d be hesitant to say that it has the better story.



Yeah no doubt. There’s probably only so much to say on it’s take on the action RPG too, and there’s no shortage of histories out there on the game(s), so it wouldn’t ultimately be a good pick for any number of reasons.

Another bad idea: Suikoden III, only everyone only goes through a single character’s story with two people overlapping.

I wonder about DLC? You can complete the main story of Mask of the Betrayer in 15-17 hours, and still do some side stuff. Though honestly the camera might make that not worth it on its own since everyone would have to independently struggle with it.

I think Bully would be very interesting and it’s been mentioned earlier in the thread. I think we’re overdue for a critical reappraisal of that game. I really love(d) it and I have an undue emotional investment in Jimmy Hopkins cuz I played it at a particular time in my life, but I replayed it a couple years back and there is some bad shit in that game. Like maybe some of the actual worst Rockstar shit. Beyond that it’s a very unique thing, it’s basically a GTA Yakuza game, with how it handles place. But again there’s the problem in being Basically Yakuza, a lot of the appeal comes in the side content and exploring the world. I almost 100%-ed the game in 20 hours, to give an idea.


I’d be super interested if Waypoint decided to do Until Dawn…


I realise it’s probably still too long for the segment, realistically, but I really would love to listen in on some KotOR II discussion. Dragon Age II could be interesting, as well.

Oh, and for a more left-field suggestion… Star Trek: Bridge Commander? I loved that game when I was younger, and was very surprised to discover that it actually still sorta holds up when I went back to it a year or so ago.

They do some interesting stuff with having the narrative branch based on how you choose to approach certain situations/whether you’re able to succeed in fulfilling certain objectives, that I’d forgotten about completely since I played it as a kid. It’s somewhat telegraphed, but not nearly so obviously as, say, the moral decisions in your average RPG.

The net result is that, despite the game’s silent protagonist and complete lack of anything even resembling a dialogue system, you really are left feeling like you were able to define what kind of Starfleet captain your character was, at least to some extent.